Tuesday, 28 February 2017

World News Summary : 28-Feb-2017

Spotlight-Oscars-Trump? You get the connection right? It is a world known truth that president Trump was openly and hilariously trolled during the Oscars but the statement that Trump gave after that was even more hilarious. He says that the confusion during the ending stages of the Oscars was because, everyone was more focused on him rather than doing their job.
Well, if this is the way how you want to play it, I have a question for you. What do you have to say about the news that says that you want to cut the spending on aid and healthcare to focus more on military? Now don’t begin by saying that it is all fake news. We all know how much you hate healthcare and how much you love military. So, is this your way of saying that you’re spending to military to save us against potential threats? Are you so worried about a future war that may or may not happen rather than being worried about the current state of healthcare?
Is this really your way of doing the job? When people are dying now of so many diseases for which they are not getting the right treatment, you want to spend billions of dollars on a war that might happen in the future? How is this a showcase of you doing your job?

Books & Art:
1. Friends of the Temple Public Library Mid-Winter Used Book Sale this week
2. In the Sistine Chapel the recreation of Michelangelo’s frescoes have been recreated. Three-volume collection uses 270,000 digital frames to reproduce Michelangelo with 99.9% accuracy
3. Alejandro Guijarro finds a mysterious world of light and shade by looking into the fabric of old master paintings using UV rays
4. Michelangelo dared to sculpt Jesus naked, but for centuries the church covered him up with a bizarre metal veil. Now the National Gallery is revealing all
5. In Staffordshire field Detectorists find Iron Age gold jewellery

1. Football : Leicester prove that sacking Ranieri was the right choice by defeating Liverpool 3-1
2. Football : Ronale Koeman says, Wayne Rooney would be welcomed in Everton
3. Cricket : Mitchell Star believes Kohli will be back stronger and better after India’s shameful 1 test match defeat
4. Hockey : Sjoerd Marijne appointed Indian women hockey team's chief coach
5. Tennis : Federer reaches second round of Dubai open with win over Paire
6. Formula 1 ; Hamilton defeats Vettel’s Ferrari with his Mercedes beast
7. Golf : Rickie Fowler wins Honda Classic
8. Olympics : Michael Phelps is frustrated by Rio doping fears
9. Basketball : Pac 12 women’s basketball tournament will have half time entertainment and the national anthem

1. President Trump wants to cut spending on Aid and Climate to focus on military
2. Debate between Nye and Tucker goes almost one sided
3. Oil giants, Shell had a pretty good idea about climate change and its effects back in 1991 but they chose to ignore it
4. Scientists seek precision research tools to measure how human impacts and inequalities will feed back into future climate change
5. Low snow due to global warming threatens Ski sports in Swiss

1. India : Mayavathi’s BSP might just be too much to handle
2. India : In the early years of trouble in Kashmir, the army used to call anyone with a weapon militant; a few years later, it started calling them ANEs or anti-national elements; and now, they are called terrorists. Unfortunately, the loosely bandied around nomenclature hides more than it shows. Which one is true?
3. UK : Government departments have been told to find spending cuts of up to 6% as part of plans to save £3.5bn by 2020
4. UK : Delay Brexit if no trade deal reached, say business leaders
5. UK : Arron Banks may stand against Douglas Carswell
6. India : MLA Vinay Bihari wears clothes after Centre approves budget for 37 km road construction
7. India : Modi’s name and little religious adjustment can help BJP win election in UP
8. India : A delegation of AIADMK MPs owing allegiance to rebel leader O Panneerselvam on Tuesday called on President Pranab Mukherjee and sought a probe into the circumstances surrounding the death of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa
9. Russia : Ready to discuss start-III treaty discussion with USA
10. Russia : Politics grows cold as ever

1. More than one home every minute will need to be refurbished in the UK between now and 2050, experts say
2. India's fast-growing data brokerage industry is selling personal information cheaply to anyone who asks
3. The third generation of the Smart Connectivity Module (SCM) turns the car into a self-connective device, integrated into IoT
4. Oppo announced in the MWC that a new smartphone with 5X zooming capacity is to be launched soon
5. Goal line technology could cost PSV their title
6. New technology that will see vehicles partly fueled by water will have a trial in Cornwall in a bid to improve air quality after it was reported that residents may be forced to sell their homes in pollution hotspots

1. President Donald Trump said Monday the chaos that erupted at the end of the Oscars was due to Hollywood obsessing about him rather than concentrating on running a smooth show
2. Varun Dhawan says people still pay for entertainment
3. Indian Idol contestant Hardeep Singh filed a case against two entertainment firms after being disqualified from the show
4. Actor Ajith’s new movie Vivegam’s release date has been pushed to August
5. Hollywood celebrity dentist Shawn Sadri was booted from a flight from LA for his Iranian heritage and anti-Trump comments

1. Britons have been warned they could be charged with theft after picking money dropped on floor
2. Walmart is today rolling out an updated app that will allow those visiting the store’s Pharmacy or Money Services desk to skip having to wait in line
3. Sensex closes by 70 points low
4. Nifty 0.19% lower ahead of nifty
5. Rupee closes at 66.69

1. Research says that our names can shape our face
2. President Trump talk about the replacement of affordable care health and says, ‘no one knew healthcare will be so complicated’
3. Fat foods that are good for health
a. Cooking oil
b. Nut
c. Juices
d. Gluten

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Is Medicine only for the rich?

Everyone knows that in the past decade there has been a tremendous increase in the number of hospitals and not the mention the number of people who visit the hospital but is that it? No No No. There has also been an increase in the number of diseases as well.

Each year, there are new diseases that the specialist and doctors come across and we hear about it every once in a while. Some diseases hit us all of a sudden that we have little or zero preparation for it. A few such examples are HIV, Ebola, Swine Flu. If there is death due to these diseases then it definitely is understandable to some extent but when people die because of diseases that have been in existence for decades though there is treatment available for it, then it raises a question, why?

According  to a report by CDC, it suggests that in the US there is an alarming increase in the number of patients suffering from STD’s. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have been on the rise since 2006. This is what the report further said

The approximately 1.4 million reported cases of chlamydia, a rate of 456.1 cases per 100,000 population, is up 2.8 percent since 2013. Rates of primary and secondary (P&S) syphilis – the most infectious stages of syphilis –and gonorrhea have both increased since 2013, by 15.1 percent and 5.1 percent, respectively. In 2014, there were 350,062 reported cases of gonorrhea (a rate of 110.7 per 100,000) and 19,999 reported cases of P&S syphilis (for a rate of 6.3 per 100,000).
STDs continue to affect young people—particularly women--most severely, but increasing rates among men contributed to the overall increases in 2014 across all three diseases.
 “America’s worsening STD epidemic is a clear call for better diagnosis, treatment, and prevention,” said Jonathan Mermin, M.D., director of CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and Tuberculosis Prevention. “STDs affect people in all walks of life, particularly young women and men, but these data suggest an increasing burden among gay and bisexual men.”
A report from healthdata.org also says that the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases have increased exponentially, the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases increased by 41% between 1990 and 2013, climbing from 12.3 million deaths to 17.3 million deaths . Come to think of it, a lot of people also die due to various types of cancer. The most disturbing part of this is that a lot of deaths are happening because people are not able to afford the treatment cost. In my world news summary of 27-Feb-2017, I mentioned about this issue and after doing further research I found out a few articles which suggest how people are thinking more than once before spending their money for treatment.
A story in iphindia says that in rural Karnataka a diabetic patient who makes his daily living by running a tea shop, refused to take treatment because
“if I spend the money on the medicine, I would not be able to meet the household expenses, pay my children’s school fees, or celebrate any festival. And for me happiness of my family counts the most”
This case also exists in America. CDC says that almost 1 in 10 American can’t afford medication. The researchers used data from the 2013 National Health Interview for the report. Overall, they found, 7.8% of adults admitted not taking medication as recommended because of high costs. In my opinion, people refusing to take medication could also be a source for diseases to spread.
An article by Manica Balasegaram for Aljazeera says that Pharma companies do not manufacture drugs for tropical diseases due to lower profits. Does this not cause you to just hate these companies who are into the lifesaving business but do it only for money. If you manufacture a drug and if only people with money are to afford it, then what is the point? What if the rich don’t get that disease? What if that particular disease occurs mostly in those areas of the world where there are only poor people? What benefit will you companies reap of it? In the same article, he also mentioned the following comment from the CEO of Bayer, a pharma company in Germany
CEO Marijn Dekkers said that Bayer "didn't develop this product for the Indian market; we developed it for Western patients who could afford it." 
Our world population has crossed 7 billion and that is making it difficult for us to spot the reduction in people count but when people die because they can’t afford medication and treatment, what is the way to curb this monstrosity? Only kindness from these pharma companies and government policies can make it happen. There has to be government programs that will ensure that medicines reach every corner of the world. The international bodies, the national governments, the state governments everyone has to come together and work collectively. Not only that, the pharma companies must also come to the mindset that every human life, regardless of their ethnicity, their color or their place, must be saved. Drugs must be made cheap and affordable so that people can step forward voluntarily with having to worry about their savings.
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World News Summary : 27-Feb-2017

Many experts believe that a reduction in the price of medication could really bring about a great improvement in the health care sector. There really are a lot of families who can’t afford to pay the price of medication and that has resulted in the death of many. When the poor are diagnosed with a disease that will cost them more than their life’s savings to cure it, they just ignore it and instead chose a life of suffering and pain. 
This situation is quite common in over populated and underdeveloped/developing countries. There are many doctors who have dedicated their life in service of the poor and needy but when the number of patients hugely out-number the doctors who are ready to help for little or no cost, there is only so much that can be done.
It is only by the reduction of medicine and treatment cost that people will come forward and tend to their basic needs.

Books & Art:
1. Through March 3, WAKE Up and Read's book drive is collecting books across Wake County to eventually donate to children in need in our region
2. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will now make periodic review of textbooks of private publishers prescribed by its affiliated schools
3. The managing director of book retailer Waterstones has defended the company’s decision to open three unbranded stores, saying it will be good for “customers, town centers and... staff.”
4. Here are some of the best books of February 2017
a. Lincoln in the Bardo
b. Insomniac City
c. Swimming Lessons
d. Universal Harvester
e. Norse Mythology
f. Homo Deus: A Brief History

1. Football : Zlatan Ibrahimovic, scores 2 goals to present Manchester United and Mourinho with their first trophy of the season
2. Football : Real Madrid maintain their lead over Barcelona in the la liga title race with a 2-3 win over Villareal while Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 2-1
3. Cricket : Kohli has been named as the Captain of the year at ESPNcric info awards
4. ISSF : Ankur Mittal wins silver in men’s double trap
5. Tennis : Andy Murray still tops the ATP rankings
6. Chess : Harika wins 3rd bronze in World Championship
7. Tennis : Jo-Wilfried Tsonga won the trophy for the third in Marseille

1. 300 scientists are supporting President Trump in withdrawing from UN Convention on climate change
2. It is expected that due to Climate Change, Vancouver can have a tropical climate like South California by 2050
3. Sernie Sanders and Bill Nye will hold live Facebook conversation about climate change on Monday
4. According to UK climate envoy, Indonesia has abundant natural source to produce clean and renewable energy and it could come cheap

1. USA : President Donald Trump is expected to sign a new refugee and immigration executive order on Wednesday, one day after addressing lawmakers at a joint session of Congress
2. India :  Telugu Desam Party's general secretary, Nara Lokesh, is ready to make his way into the State Cabinet via the Legislative Council
3. India : PM Modi says BJP will win the majority in UP elections
4. India : A special court today awarded life imprisonment to SIMI chief Safdar Hussain Nagori and 10 other activists of the banned group after convicting them in a 2008 case of sedition 
5. India : Vijay Mallya has transfer $40 million to his children breaching the supreme court’s order
6. USA : Tom Perez is all set to lead the democratic party 
7. France : The presidential election could really be too close to predict a winner
8. Israel : Four new justices have been appointed for the Supreme court

1. Nokia 3310 re-launched in WMC 2017
2. As Samsung tries to get back up after its disaster with Note 7 its competitors are taking full advantage of the lag
3. It has been revealed that UIDAI that issuers Aadhar cards in India has security concerns over customers secure data
4. Huawei launches 4.5G smartphone
5. Millennials won’t compromise on technology says experts
6. Tech City UK will grant more visas to technology workers in a major boost to the industry’s attempts to secure access to overseas talent after the Brexit vote
7. BMW could build its electric mini in Germany instead of Britain

1. The late actor, star of Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Elephant Man, was honoured by the Academy in their annual In Memoriam montage
2. The big Winner of the night was La La Land with 8 wins from 14 nominations while Hacksaw Ridge, Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea won 2 awards each.
3. President Trump gets trolled by many winners and especially the host during the 89th Academy Award
4. Bill Paxton dies at the age of 61 due to complications in his surgery
5. Many believe that Moonlight should have been the big winner instead of La La Land
6. Many believe that brands were advertised in the Oscars

1. EPF form in one page will allow the users to make withdrawals
2. Sensex closes down by 80 points
3. Thousands of pounds confiscated from a golf bag of a drug trafficker
4. Car insurance prices are likely to grow
5. With a unique opportunity to appoint five or more members of the Fed board, Trump has an historic opportunity to set his stamp on American monetary policy

1. Gut health can impact our waistlines, as well as our metabolic and digestive health, our immunity and our energy levels
2. Research suggests that a reduction in price of medication will really improve health care 
3. Huda Idrees launches digital health-records platform
4. The analysis by the University of East London showed North Kesteven, in Lincolnshire, had the highest rates. The lowest rate of schizophrenia prescriptions was in East Dorset

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

89th Academy Awards

Here is the complete list of the 89th Academy Award Winners. The big Winner of the night was La La Land with 8 wins from 14 nominations while Hacksaw Ridge, Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea won 2 awards each.
Honorary Awards
1. Jackie Chan (Hong Kong martial artist, actor, director, producer and singer) 
2. Anne V. Coates (British film editor) 
3. Lynn Stalmaster (American casting director) 
4. Frederick Wiseman (American filmmaker, documentarian and theatrical director
Technical Category
1. Best Cinematography : Linus Sandgren for La La Land
2. Best Editing : John Gilbert for Hacksaw Ridge
3. Best Visual Effect : The Jungle Book
4. Best Production Design : David Wasco for La La Land
Art Category
1. Best Hairstyle & Makeup : Giorgio Gregorini, Alessandro BertoLazzi & Christopher  Allen Nelson for Suicide Squad
2. Best Costume design : Colleen Atwood for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them
Acting & Directing Category
1. Best Supporting Actor : Mahershala Ali for Moonlight
2. Best Supporting Actress : Viola Davis for Fences
3. Best Actress : Emma Stone for La La Land
4. Best Actor : Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea
5. Best Director : Damimen Chazelle for La La Land
Music Category
1. Best Sound Mixing : Andy Wright, Peter Grace, Kevin O’Connell & Robert Mackenzie for Hacksaw Ridge
2. Best Sound Editing : Sylvain Ballemare for Arrival
3. Best Original Song : City of Stars from La La Land
4. Best Music : La La Land
Writing Category
1. Best Original Screenplay : Manchester By the Sea
2. Best Adapted Screenplay : Moonlight
Movie Category
1. Best foreign language film : The Salesman
2. Best Animated film : Zootopia
3. Best Animated Short film : Piper
4. Best Documentary : O.J. Made in America
5. Best Documentary Short : The White Helmets
6. Best Live action short film : Sing
7. Best Picture : Fred Berger, Jordan Horowitz, and Marc Platt for La La Land

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EFL Cup Finals 2017 - Match Report

After a disastrous past few season, Manchester United decided to bring in the Special One in charge of their club. They want victories, they want trohpies, they want glory and Mourinho is just the guy who can deliver everything.  In his first season in charge, Mourinho had finally found the stability in his team that his predecessors failed to get and is en-route to winning a trophy in his very first season. The EFL Cup. Can the Special one do it again?
Southampton lost their successful manager Ronald Koeman to Everton during the summer after which they have found themselves to be struggling but they have somehow managed to reach the finals. Can they pull out a trick or two from under their sleeve and win a trophy after a long wait?

Starting 11:
Manchester United : DeGea, Valencia, Bailley, Smalling, Rojo, Herrera, Pogba, Lingard, Mata, Ibrahimovic & Martial
Southampton : Forster, Cédric, Yoshida, Stephens, Bertrand, Romeu, Davis, Ward-Prowse, Tadić, Redmond & Gabbiadini.

Southampton and Manchester United faced for the second time in the EFL Cup finals. Pogba showed his class with a thunderous strike in the 3rd minute but it went straight at the keeper.  For the next 15 minutes it was a complete back and forth game. In the 18th minute Romeo fouled United and that led to a free kick which the talisman striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic took and curled it far and out of the reach of Foster. The first blood was drawn by United.
Southampton had their share of shots on target but they could not convert it. Their standout player in the first half was Tadic who threatened United with his skills. United played their game in the typical Mourinho style. They had almost 8 players moving back when Southampton were on the attack and relied on their quickest players during counter.
A brilliant passing game from Manchester United saw the ball passed to Lingard who took his chance and scored United’s 2nd goal of the game in the 29th minute. That play was absolutely flawless by United. A horrible tackle on Martial by Stephens halted the game for a few minutes after which Stephens was booked and so was Lingard for his overreaction.  When the fourth official showed the stoppage time, I was under the impression that this was it for the 1st half but Gabbiadini had other plans in mind. Southampton grabbed the ball in their half and brought it all the way into United’s penalty box and the Italian striker brought back some hope into Southampton’s chances when he kicked the ball past DeGea.  The goal was a complete team effort. The 1st half ended in United’s favor with a score line of 1-2.
The 2nd half saw the introduction of Carrick who replaced Mata. Whatever good Mourinho thought that would do mattered very little to Southampton, who made a good use of a corner that they were awarded and Gabbiadini scored his 2nd goal of the game in the 48th minute and brought things level on track again.
After getting back on track where both the teams have scored 2 goals each, it was an all-out battle for victory. The 2nd goal by Southampton had relay lifted the mood in the stadium and gave the Saints the hope that they can achieve it. A victory that was long due for them. Both teams wanted to win this bad and that was pretty evident in their play. The crowd too did their best by staying behind the players throughout the second half. The entire stadium was in an uproar.
86th minute of the game provided the perfect chance of Southampton to kill the game but the cross into the box was missed by a couple of players. This was the chance that they would certainly regret because with just 2 minutes to play the big man from Sweden scored his trademark header from a cross by Herrera.  This moment was it, there was just no way back for Southampton after that goal and it was also quite evident in the fans faces.
This game had it all. The drama, the excitement, the fans. It was a complete show. Southampton played their heart and soul in this game and if I were to take sides, it was definitley Southampton who played better.
4 minutes of added time was given to let anything happen in the game but the game was so over after Ibra’s second goal. Mourinho has now won his first trophy in his first season at Manchester United.
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Match Report : Atletico Madrid Vs Barcelona

This was the game that could decide if Barcelona have any chance of winning the La Liga title this season. If this game had gone wrong for them, then Real Madrid would really be ahead of them by a huge 6 points. Such was the stake of this crucial match against Atletico Madrid. The last meeting between these two ended 1-1. What does this match hold?

The line ups were strong as usual.

Atletico Madrid : Oblak, Vrsaljko, Godin, Savic, Luis, Gabi, Koke, Carrasco, Griezmann, Gamiero & Saul

Barcelona : Ter Stegen, Piqué, Sergio, Iniesta, Suárez, Messi, Neymar, Rafinha, S. Roberto, Umtiti & Mathieu

I sat there watching the game and it made me wonder, if this team that is playing Atleti, is that really Barcelona? The away team had no shots on target for the first 30 minutes of the game but in the same time period, Atleti were able to register 2 shots. It almost seemed like the all great MSN were not so great after all. However, in the 30th minute Suarez tried to go for goal but it was a foul anyway. Iniesta could do nothing and nor could Messi produce any magic.
In the 38th minute, a foul on Suarez saw Barcelona get a free-kick near the edge of the penalty box which Messi took only to be saved by the goal keeper. A few minutes prior to this, Gabi should have been booked for a light kick on Neymar but the referee did nothing but give a warning.
During the final 15 minutes of the 1st half, it was all Barcelona. They used their same old possession dominating game and tried to go for goal once a while but they lacked that edge to provide the killer delivery for goal. It seemed to me like as if Barcelona were holding back, for what reason, I have no clue. The stalemate at the end of 1st half was a fair reflection of the game but this is not what was expected. Everyone wanted a high intensity game but to be honest, the 1st half game was a bit of a drag.
3 minutes into the 2nd half Suarez had a chance at goal but he missed it while 6 six minutes into it Madrid had a chance to take the lead but couldn’t get the ball past Ter Stegen. In the 53th minute, Gabi should really have been sent off for kicking Neymar deliberately and while the referee should really have pulled out the red card there, Gabi was just shown the yellow.
In the 64th minute Rafina ensured that Barca stayed in the title race when he scored the 1st goal of the game. 4 minutes later Torrest came in for Carrasco and Atletico were now playing with all their 3 strikers but it was a defender who brought the game back on track. Godin headed a ball from Koke’s free kick in the 76th minute and the game was back to square 1.
The game continued back and forth with neither team producing any real goal scoring chance. This was followed by more substitutions from each team in the hope of scoring the winning goal and it was Barcelona who got what they wanted as Messi stepped up during one of Barca’s attempts for goal and notched the ball in past Oblak in the 86th minute to put Barcelona in the lead.
That goal was all that was required for Barcelona to claim their victory which all but confirms that Atletico Madrid is out of the title race while Barcelona can still keep their hopes alive. The match was not too exciting and neither were the goals. As I said earlier, the game was a drag from the start but victory is what matters at the end of the day.

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World News Summary : 26-Feb-17

The mother of them all awards, that always steals the spotlight also stole the spotlight in our news summary today. How can you not give your undivided attention to the Oscars when it is right around the corner?
Most of you by this time would know the nominations, which is why I’ll not go into that but instead in this post, I’m going to provide you the experts prediction.

1. Moonlight seems to be the only real contender that might pose some threat to La La Land in the best picture and best director category
2. Emma stone seems to be the unanimous choice when it comes to best actress 
3. Experts believe it will be Danzel Washington who will steal the best actor award this year, instead of Casey Affleck
4. There is no doubt who will win the best supporting actress award. Experts go for Viola Davis
5. Mahershala Ali is the experts pick for best supporting actor
6. When it comes to screenplay, it is dominated by Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester by Sea and Barry Jenkins, Tarell Alvin McCraney for Moonlight
7. Zootopia is our experts pick for best animated film & O.J Made in America for best documentary
8. The Salesman and Toni Erdmann will battle for best foreign language film
9. La La Land is the undisputed winner when it comes to the category of music, song, Cinematography, Film Editing and production design
10. Star Trek Beyond will definitely win the Makeup and Hairstyle award, says our expert
11. Costume design & Sound Editing is a 50-50 between La La Land and Jackie and La La Land and Hacksaw Ridge respectively
12. The Jungle Book will win the visual effects category say the experts
13. In the short category it’s, Piper for animation, The white helmets for documentary while Ennemis intérieurs will battle Sing (Mindenki) in the Live action short category

Do you all agree with what the experts say?

Books & Art
1. In Vadadora digitized versions of 21,000 books of the Central Library were formally released by minister of state for sports, youth and cultural activities Rajendra Trivedi
2. Booksellers group says rise will kill off independent stores and berates Treasury for cutting tax for sector’s biggest online rival Amazon
3. Education publisher Pearson reports biggest loss in its history. The amount being $2.6 billion
4. The hottest books on sale this week by USA Today
a. Stanger than Fanfiction
b. Cravings :How I conquered food
c. Bone Box
d. Dodge City
e. The Girl at the baggage claim
5. Delhi’s once-popular book hub Nai Sarak struggling for survival these days

1. Formula 1 : Red Bull reveal RB13 as they look to fight Mercedes in 2017 F1 season
2. Football : Leicester striker Jamie Vardy rubbishes stories he was involved in Claudio Ranieri sacking
3. Football : Manchester United and Southampton to meet tonight in the EFL Cup finals
4. Boxing : Amir Khan to fight Manny Pacquiao in April
5. Cricket : One loss doesn’t mean that the entire series is lost says Sachin
6. Cricket : Jayant & Ishant should be replaced in next test says Azar
7. Tennis : Andy Murray says he is back to his best for Dubai Tennis Championship

1. New UN chief says that action against global warming is unstoppable
2. Environmental researcher Steve Goreham had no one to debate on the stage Friday night, but several audience members challenged his claims that climate change is natural, not man made
3. Colorado river flow has been reduced due to climate change
4. Climatologists say there is an almost 50% chance the Labrador Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean will cool rapidly within a single decade by 2100.
5. Shipping industry is ordered to reduce its climate-damaging CO2 emissions in European waters or face trading charges.

1. India : In Tamil Nadu, the new party formed by Deepa will have their candidates and their respective postings to be announced soon. 
2. UK : Current political attitudes are likely to lead to a "slow erosion" of existing human rights and protections, according to an expert
3. India : NCP to Join Hands With Congress in Corporations, Zilla Parishads says Sharad Pawar
4. USA : Donald Trump rejects intelligence report on travel ban because it doesn't say what he wants it to
5. USA : Another 100 companies have reportedly pulled their advertising from the far-right news site Breitbart, as the momentum builds behind a grassroots campaign calling on advertisers to boycott the site
6. USA ; Estimated cost of removing all illegal immigrants would cost around half a trillion
7. USA : "There is a weird connection between this guy in the Oval Office and the people in Russia", say the members of American's Take Action
8. Russia : FBI is at the center of political storm in Russia
9. Russia : The largest opposition protest of the past 12 months, the Nemtsov March, took place in Moscow on Feb. 26. However, independent experts and even the demonstrators themselves say Russia’s protest potential is on the wane

1. LG to launch G6 at the MWC 2017 with extra precautions taken after Samsung’s fire prone Note 7
2. Huawei Watch 2 will come in standard and LTE versions, price starts at $347
3. Logitech Z337 bluetooth speaker launched at Rs 6,995
4. Huawei P10 Plus is the world’s first 4.5G LTE smartphone
5. Google said it will begin offering media groups an artificial intelligence tool designed to stamp out incendiary comments on their websites
6. Moto G5 images showing complete metal body have leaked online

1. Technology Startup JAAK Introduces Blockchain For Entertainment And Media Companies
2. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s Longtime Pacific Palisades Home Up for Sale for $7.25 million
3. Paris Hilton is stripping down. The 36-year-old heiress dons a sexy nude latex getup on the cover of Plastik magazine
4. Meryl Streep slams Karl Lagerfeld's apology after Oscar dress lie. She says 'I do not take this lightly'
5. Natalie Portman will not attend Oscars due to pregnancy
6. A new still is out from ‘Chef’ where Saif is in conversation with Svar Kamble at a food stall, who plays his son
7. Ayesha Takia is an actress known and adored for her innocent, baby looks, but it seems that she now has the look of Kim that has left everyone on shock
8. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has denied reports that he didn't want to work with actress Kangana Ranaut in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film
9. Ace director Cheran is likely to direct Vijay Sethupathi in his next film
10. Goutham Menon is likely to produce Karthick Naren’s upcoming thriller Naragasooran

1. Digital payment can check black money and play a key role in fighting graft says  Prime Minister Narendra Modi 
2. Even debt funds carry duration risks, especially when investing for relatively shorter investment horizons
3. Billionaire Warren Buffett used his much anticipated annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders to reiterate his wariness of high Wall Street fees and his positive outlook for the U.S. economy
4. Global banking giant HSBC has disclosed being probed by tax authorities in India and several other countries, including against its Swiss and Dubai units, for allegedly abetting tax evasion of four Indians and their families
5. Money on offer in bid to encourage working families into foster care

1. Republican governors are undecided on how far they want Congress to go in overhauling Medicaid, internal documents obtained by Vox show
2. Doctors, nurses, social workers, patients and citizens gathered in front of the State House in Annapolis Saturday to voice their support for the federal Affordable Care Act
3. U.S. Navy SEAL training adapted to help Canadian doctors fight stress
4. NHS 'tobacco free' campaign launched by Public Health England
5. scientists have found Alzheimer’s disease could be caused by excess sugar

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Saturday, 25 February 2017

World News Summary : 25-Feb-2017

It doesn’t matter if you blame the pitch or your luck or even yourself. Nothing changes the fact that when you lose, you get hurt pretty deep. This is the kind of state the Indian Cricket team will be in after their humiliating 1st team match loss to Australia.
There was much hype about this match and how the No.1 test team in the world might easily take on the Aussies but as it turned out, Australia made their gameplay speak for them. They have completely stunned the world by defeating India by a huge 333 runs.
Who is to be blamed for this humiliating loss? The captain who was out for a duck in the first innings and scored a meagre 13 runs in the second? Or the entire Indian team who gave away 7 wickets in a matter of 11 runs? Or should be just blame the pitch and move on to the next game?
Everyone had their hopes pinned on Kohli but the best batsman in the world had failed to deliver. The guy who scored consecutive double centuries for 4 consecutive test matches was just a shadow of a player. Not only him but the entire team had produced only a below average performance.
Will Team India be able to bounce back from this humiliation and fight back in the 2nd test? Or will we see another shocker from Australia?

Books & Art :

1. Radicalism in the Wilderness: International Contemporaneity and 1960s Art in Japan’: Reiko Tomii brings Japanese art in from the cold.
2. Little Golden Books Editor At R.J. Julia; Poets for Daughters and Sisters.
3. The Poky Little Puppy' And His Fellow Little Golden Books Are Turning 75.
4. A new Lawrenceville store brings good news for bookworms who tend to read by the pound.
Sports :
1. Cricket : Australia defeats India by 333 runs and take a 1-0 lead of the series
2. Football : Kasper Schmeichel says Leicester owners did not ask players about Claudio Ranieri before sacking
3. Football : Chelsea beat Swansea 3-1 to take another step towards the title
4. Cricket : Kohli says, this was the worst batting display by India in 2 years
5. Football : Bayern Munich score 8 goals past Hamburg
6. Tennis : Tsonga reaches Marseille finals after beating Krygios
7. Formula 1 ; Faster Cars are set to battle out in new track in Barcelona ahead of new season

Climate :

1. Potential Trump Science Adviser Says Climate Change Is Great: Happer suggested that resurrecting the high levels of carbon dioxide in Earth’s deep past would be a good thing: “Nothing bad happened, in fact the earth flourished with more CO2 … you can already see the Earth greening. If you look at agricultural yields, they’re steadily going up,” he told ProPublica.
2. Freaky February Heat Waves Trigger More Chills Over Climate Change : Hundreds of records have already been broken for the month.
3. The U.S. Geological Survey hails an early spring — and ties it to climate change.
4. PELHAM — The fight against climate change will soon have a very real feel to it in this small town. That’s because Pelham, in partnership with the Kestrel Land Trust, is about to launch a “demonstration forest” using 161 acres of land permanently preserved this week
5. Group Defends Carbon Dioxide as ‘Elixir of Life’ in Climate Change Debate

Political :

1. USA : Comey in middle of political fray over Trump and Russians
2. India : Voters in UP elections disillusioned as 'gadha politics' take precedence over actual political debate
3. India : Deepa Jayakumar, the niece of late Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa, announced a new party on Friday. She named the party ‘MGR Amma Deepa Peravai’
4. India : PM Modi has announced that he will end economic blockade in Manipur
5. USA : White House bars CNN, NYT, LA Times, BuzzFeed from press briefing
6. USA : Trump slams FBI for failing to stop leaks to media
7. USA : Muhammad Ali Jr and his mother were detained at Florida airport for having Arabic sounding names

Technology :

1. Uber may have bought self-driving car technology that was stolen from Google : A blog post published yesterday by Waymo, the self-driving car company spun out of Google (now Alphabet)’s X research lab, outlined what it believes to have been an organized excavation of its intellectual property by one of its previous employees, Anthony Levandowski.
2. IBM And Apple: The Truth About Buffett's Technology Buys: So far this year, the Nasdaq composite has been the best performer out of the three major indices. Investors seem to be warming up to tech, particularly some of the larger players in the technology space, and while it might seem like a disconnect to talk about technology and Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha has broken his longstanding "no tech" rule with major investments in both Apple (AAPL) and IBM (IBM)
3. HyperSciences raises $690K to use rocket technology for geothermal drilling
4. New technology detects unique features in lemur facesOne new method recently developed for observing red-bellied lemurs takes a high-tech approach to long-distance identification, using modified facial-recognition software.
5. Fancy a new TV? This new technology could turn your entire WALL into a display: HUGE flatscreen TVs could soon be consigned to the dustbin of history thanks to US engineers who have developed the world's first stretchable electronic circuit - using just an inkjet printer.

Entertainment :

1. Syrian Who Worked on Nominated Film Can't Attend Oscars: WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. immigration authorities are barring entry to a 21-year-old Syrian cinematographer who worked on a harrowing film about his nation's civil war, "The White Helmets," that has been nominated for an Academy Award.
2. Aamir Khan’s looks from Thugs of Hindostan has not been revealed yet
3. Matt Damon, Ryan Gosling, Meryl Streep and Dev Patel named presenters for Oscars
4. Emma Watson says that “Beauty and the Beast” is unapologetically romantic
5. Daryl Easton, 'The Magician's Magician,' found dead inside closet at Hollywood's legendary Magic Castle
6. Actress Jodi Foster is leading the Anti-Trump protests

Money :

1. Royal Canadian Mint struggles to make money. Internal documents reveal financial troubles and weak sales at Royal Canadian Mint
2. Gold hits 4-month high, climbs Rs325 on firm global cues
3. Trump Administration has proposed to change accounting norms to inflate US trade deficit numbers
4. In the USA Democrats strike ban on corporate money
5. the first United States (U.S.) paper dollars - is 155 years old today

Health :

1. GOP Health Bill Draft Would Cut Medicaid, Emphasize Tax Credits
2. Bioengineers have developed a new tool to identify RNA-DNA interactions. The tool can provide a full account of all the RNA molecules that interact with a segment of DNA
3. Good bacteria can now be transplanted to kill Staph
4. Several newly discovered variants of a gene increase the risk of developing anxiety disorders

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