Wednesday, 15 February 2017

World News Summary : 15-Feb-2017

The dispute between Israel and Palestine is not something that can be solved with just words of confidence, even if it comes from the President of United States.

A resolution or may be the only resolution that everyone is looking at is a two state plan. A split between Israel and Palestine might look good on the paper but it’s the mind-set of the people that must be changed and it is hard to change decades of hatred and animosity but if that could be achieved it will truly be a crowning achievement for anyone who can achieve it.

The Prime Minister of Israel is to meet with President Trump to discuss the issue and a positive outcome is expected.

Books :

  1. Philip Pullman announces new trilogy, The Book of Dust
  2. J.K. Rowing seems to have won her Twitter war with Pierce Morgan as the latter’s comments seem to have back fired
  3.  Milo Yiannopoulos’s memoir Dangerous has been delayed until June, as the author wants to include details of the controversy surrounding his book
  4. According to the Hindu, dystopian novels are starting to have a recognition and moving up the best sellers list

Sports :

  1. Cricket : Hussey believes, Star will challenge Kohli throughout the series
  2. Running : Usain Bolt wins Laureus ‘Sportsman of the year’
  3. Football : PSG thrash Barcelona 4-0 at home turf
  4. Football : Benfica record a 1-0 victory over Dortmund as the German team struggles to score
  5. Formula 1 : Indian races Daruvala by becoming the first Indian to win the Grand Prix in New Zealand
  6. Chess : Kush Bhagat of Mumbai awarded the Candidate Master award by World Chess Federation
  7. Tennis : ESPN sued by an announcer after accused of using ethnic slur in Venus Williams match call

Climate :

  1. Scientist become frustrated as climate change becomes unavoidable
  2. From Africa to America the bird species are facing a threat for their survival due to climate change
  3. Former employees of EPA have started a rally against Trump
  4. Vienna airport expansion blocked citing climate change issues

Political :

  1. India : Jayalalitha’s cousin Deepa has joined Pannerselvam camp
  2. India : Disclosure requirements of political parties must be linked to the income received by a party in a financial year
  3. Lucknow East constituency wants more jobs to be created by political parties
  4. India : A semi-fictional feature film Modi Ka Gaon, based on the PM’s rural development scheme, faces objection from the Censor Board of Film Certification
  5. USA : Trump being controlled by Putin, is the thought about Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor
  6. USA : Trump signs a legislation that requires energy companies to disclose their payments to foreign government
  7. USA : Trumps campaign aides were in constant contact with Russian intelligence
  8. Argentina : New immigration rules can damage resources with USA
  9. North Korea : Murderer of N.K’s dictators half-brother caught
  10. USA : Prime Minister of Israel to meet Trump today. Outcome is much awaited.

Technology :

  1. Xiaomi Mi’s Populele Smart Ukulele Music Instrument Launched With Companion App
  2. Microsoft’s outlook Premium has stopped using the Preview tag and is made available to all users in US
  3. Nokia 6 might be available for global market soon
  4. LG G6’s water and dust resistance features have been given another teaser
  5. WhatsApp appoints Facebook’s Matt Idema as COO
  6. Xiomi has confirmed that over 3 million units were sold in India in less than 6 months
  7. HTC U Ultra has been priced at approx. 54,000 and HTC U Play has been priced at around 33,000
  8. Nokia 3’s price and specs leaked. Rumoured to be around 10,000 Rs

Money :

  1. Rupee has gone marginally stronger against US dollar
  2. Assembly results are likely to decide foreign stock flows to India
  3. UK wages grows 2.6% last year which is greater than inflation
  4. A study says, a third of the UK population is living in inadequate income
  5. Though there are concerns that the new 5 pound  note contains animal fat, the note is to remain

Entertainment :

  1. Actor Surya has confirmed that he’ll reunite with director Hari for Singam 4 after 5 years
  2. Gazi movie is expected to be a milestone in Indian war genre
  3. Katy Perry , Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes and many others to perform in 2017 iHeart music awards
  4. Drake wanted to talk with a suicidal man in England but the police refused
  5. Paul Rudd wants a major role in Hamilton

Health :

  1. Kids who consume high lactose foods like Pizza’s have high risk of liver disease
  2. Rare disease carried only by rats kills 1 in NY
  3. Fat getting deposited in our mid-section and at our love handles have more chances of causing health problems
  4. Lupus, depression, Ostreoarthritis are more dangerous to men while Hemophilia and Alzimer’s kills more men than women


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