Tuesday, 14 February 2017

World News Summary : 14-Feb-2107

Today we are left with no choice but to use Trump as our poster boy again as it is once again Mr. President who has captured the attention of the world as his National Security Advisor Miachael Flynn resigns.

Now, one might argue that what has this got to do with Trump, but when you’re the leader you have to take responsibility for your soldiers actions but instead Mr. President took to Twitter once again and asks “The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal on N.Korea etc?”


Shouldn’t he be asking these questions to the people inside the White House, privately?


Books & Art:

  1. Ukrain has shown its displeasure against its governments ban on importing books from Russia
  2. Wood Grant’s 1930 masterpiece leaves America for the first time for the Royal Academy in London
  3. Sotheby’s says that German contemporary arts are dominating the market


Sports :

  1. Football : Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus suffers broken metatarsal
  2. Football : PSG face a daunting task in facing Barcelona though they are the home team
  3. Football : Dortmund not hoping that it’ll be a walk in the park against Benfica
  4. Cricket : Australian batsman Adam Voges announces international retirement
  5. Rugby : Leicester Tigers have re-signed Bath’s George Ford
  6. Tennis : Great Britain to face Romania in Fed Cup world group II play offs
  7. Cricket : Pakistan batsman Jamshed suspended from all forms of cricket for violating PCB’s anti-corruption code
  8. Formula 1 : Bottas says ‘I can beat Hamilton’


Climate :

  1. Scientists have come up with a material that can fight climate change and have proved that the world can live without fossil fuels
  2. Scientists have found almost 1.8 million sq. km of melting carbon under western United States
  3. Scientists have found a marine bacteria whose molecules are directly linked with the climate
  4. New York times have reported that India’s air pollution is rivaling that of China as world’s deadliest


Political :

  1. Israel : New west bank settlement homes to be built
  2. USA : Trump to meet with Israel chief
  3. India : Sasikala found guilty and sentenced up to 4 years of prison
  4. India : Central government has given CBI the permission to prosecute Khejriwal’s ex-principal secretary
  5. Canada : Somalia asylum seekers move into Canada fighting and embracing the cold
  6. USA : Trump’s national security advisor Flynn resigns
  7. North Korea : N.K leader’s half-brother found dead. What will this result in?
  8. UK : A new course could be taken regarding BREXIT at the House of Lords during negotiation of Article 50
  9. USA : Trump refuses to endorse Serbia’s EU membership bid


Technology :

  1. Dubai has announced passenger drone plans by 2020
  2. Twitter has confirmed that it would no longer notify members who had been added to lists by other users 
  3. Former Apprentice contestant Vana Koutsomitis has released the dating app she pitched to Lord Sugar in 2015
  4. Tesla wants a tunnel underground to avoid traffic, while Uber wants to fly overhead


Money :

  1. Rolls-Royce records 4.6 billion pounds loss
  2.  Budget might be over but it has left a few fine prints that can impact a person’s personal finance
  3. Mexico to hit America by purchasing corn for Brazil and Argentina
  4. Rising fuel costs have hit UK as inflation raises highest since 2014
  5. Property prices in  Shetland rises by 26%


Entertainment :

  1. Disney has cut ties with the world's highest paid YouTube star PewDiePie over allegations of anti-Semitism
  2.  Rachel Lindsay named ABC’s first black bachelorette
  3. CARRIE Bickmore has snapped at Waleed Aly on The Project, accusing her co-host of “wanting to pick a fight”.
  4. Jolly LLB has collected 19 crore on its 3rd day, with the total rising to 47.25 crore


Health :

  1. Multivitamins provide “no benefit” to most people and instead just create “very expensive urine,” the president of the Australian Medical Association has said
  2. Health insurance giants Aetna and Humana mutually ended their $37 billion merger agreement on Tuesday
  3. Exercise during pregnancy may help obese women avoid dangerous complications
  4. Tango helps cancer patients get back on their feet


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