Monday, 13 February 2017

World News Summary : 13-Feb-2017

Our major news today is a suicide bomb attack in Lahore, Pakistan where almost 11 people were killed and around 50 have been injured.

The suicide bomber had attacked a protest rally where pharmacists were protesting against a drug sale law outside an assembly building.

Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a Pakistani Taliban-linked armed group, claimed responsibility for the attack. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar who had claimed responsibility for that attack, as well as for a bombing at a hospital in Quetta that killed 74 people in August last year.

Books :

  1. The Edinburgh book festival may be forced to move from its usual place of Charlotte
  2. A Place Free of Judgement presents work with young readers in local libraries, and one worldwide broadcast, to encourage the next generation of borrowers
  3. Lisa Gardner’s Right behind you is top of the New York times best sellers list

Sports :

  1. Cricket : India record a hard fought 208 runs victory over Bangladesh
  2. Cricket : Pakistan Cricket Board has recorded almost $200 million loss due to BCCI refusal to entertain bilateral series
  3. Cricket : Joe Root has been officially named as England’s captain
  4. Football : It’s all about avoiding relegation for last year’s Premier league winner Leicester
  5. Football : Manchester United have not lost once in their last 16 matches but still sit 6th in the Premier League
  6. Tennis : United States in Fed Cup semis for the first time in 7 years
  7. Badminton : Aditya Joshi books quarter finals spot in Thailand Masters
  8. Hockey : Delhi Waveriders end winless run with a win over Kalinga lancers in HIL


Climate :

  1. Research says humans are changing climate 170 times faster than nature
  2. A massive iceberg is set to break away in the Antarctica and the depths of its effect are still unknown
  3. EU mist move away from coal if it is to reduce its emission of greenhouse gases
  4. Climate change is causing unpredictable winds and that could affect UK’s cost of wind power

Political :

  1. Paris : Jean-Marie Le Pen charged over alleged anti-semitic remarks and that could affect his daughters chance in the upcoming elections
  2. Iran : Iranians are concerned over uncertain relation with US
  3. Russia : Women activists are fighting Russia’s domestic abuse law which reduces the punishment of domestic violence
  4. USA : President Trump’s showdown with the CIA could not go well for him
  5. USA : By vetoing Fayyad’s UN nomination the US just went against the UN secretary general himself
  6. UN : A council is set to meet to discuss NK missile test
  7. Pakistan : Deadly blast in Lahore, kills 11 and injures almost 50
  8. India : An armed man had entered in Karunanidhi's home with a gun and asked his wife to provide him money. However, police arrested him and investigations revealed that the person had a toy gun with him.

Technology :

  1. 85% of companies in India are using smart phones to hire people
  2. Samsung is once again sued with a corruption scandal
  3. Amazon to launch its voice activated speaker Echo in India
  4. UN has taken its stand against Cameroon demanding the nation to restore its internet services
  5. Leaked news about I-phone 8 says that it’ll be the best smartphone ever
  6. Ford to spend nearly $1 billion in artificial intelligence supported vehicle Argo


Money :


  1. School voucher programs in USA to bring more money but at a cost
  2. Tesco customers are being short changed by expired promotions
  3. Pensioners household are now 20 pounds a week which is better than working household


Entertainment :


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio to take $2 million loss
  2. La La Land was the big winner in BAFTA, winning 5 trophies including best picture, best director and best actress
  3. Casey Affleck won the best actor for Manchester by sea
  4. Viola Davis, the front runner for the academy awards in this category wins best supporting actress while Dev Patel wins best supporting actor
  5. Nick Cannon is leaving America’s got talent after getting on odds with NBC
  6. Jolly LLB 2 gets critical acclaim from critics and audience alike
  7. Siddhart Malhotra inaugurates the National Inclusion Cup 2017


Health :


    1. Sitting for 40 hours a week can reduce life span research says
    2. Bird flu fear rises in china because of which poultry markets are being shut down
    3. Claw toes are a symptom of diabetes
    4. A combination of protein and carbohydrate is good for the gut
    5. Obesity is known to cause as much as 8 types of cancer


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