Saturday, 11 February 2017

World News Summary : 11-Feb-2017

Once again President Trump is stealing the headlines by proposing to bring new laws on the ban but our major topic today is going to be on health issues where companies are deciding to sell medicines for more money just because more people are getting affected by diseases and how women overwork just so that they can post motivating pictures on the social media.

Music, books and art low on the news today but so is sports but hey, the weekend has just started and there will be much more news on the way.

As a request I would want all of you reading this post to take a moment to have a good read about hundreds of whales that are getting stranded in New Zealand. Those poor creatures deserve our attention at the least.

Books :

  1. Wee Angles students cross the 300 book mark in reading
  2. Abbad Yahya, a Palestine novelist has been arrested abroad for controversial novel
  3. SS-GB a drama series based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Len Deighton is guaranteed to be a treat as it shows the Battle of Britain won by the Nazis

Sports :

Football :

  1. Arsenal manager Mr. Wenger is serving his last match of the touchline ban
  2. Klopp just won’t admit the his team is suffering from fatigue due to his heavy training methods
  3. Almost a dozen fans were killed in a stampede at Angolan football match
  4. Manchester United will become the first team in the Premier League history to reach 2000 top flight points with a win over Watford
  5. Mourinho has brought goalkeeper coach Emilio Alvarez from Atletico Madrid to ensure DeGea stays at United next season
  6. Barcelona have four injured players but Neymar returns to face Alaves
  7. Allegri to meet with Juventus representatives to discuss his future amid Arsenal links
  8. Arsenal beat Hull City 2-0 to move 3rd in the Premier league table for the moment

Tennis :

  1. Toni Nadal to stop working with Rafa from next tour
  2. Tickets get sold out and then resurface for re-sale for 1300 pounds for Andy Murray’s charity match
  3. Great Britain will pay against Croatia in a Fed Cup promotion playoff
  4. Federer agrees to play in Andy Murray’s event in Scotland

Racing :

  1. Burning Front wins 1600m Carlyon Cup for the second consecutive year
  2. The Haas Formula 1 team to play an entirely different game in 2017 with great intensity

Cricket :

  1. Pakistan is not playing the standard of cricket that the world is demanding – Inzamam
  2. Bangladesh end the 3rd day with 322/6 with India leading by 365 runs
  3. SA destroy Bangladesh in women’s world cup qualifiers
  4. Imran Tahir becomes the No.1 bowler in ODI
  5. Knights register a defiant victory over the Lions by winning with an Innings and 121 runs
  6. Victoria wicketkeeper Sam Harper is hospitalized with heavy concussion after getting hit on his helmet by the bat of Jake Lehmann

Climate :

  1. Norway to save skiing with artificial snow that will also heat buildings
  2. Most of USA’s power supply is being drained air conditioners as the world heats up
  3. Greenland’s ice sheets are melting from below due to ocean water
  4. Earthquake in Philippines kills at least 4
  5. Hundreds of more whales stranded at Farewell Spit in New Zealand and though help is arriving many of those creatures are dying daily.

Political :

  1. USA : President Trump to issue a new travel ban in the coming week
  2. India : Prime Minister Modi faces his biggest test as polling beings in UP
  3. Africa : The African Union has a new face in Moussa Faki but that change the fact that the AU is still a broken institution
  4. UK : The European Union wants 49 Billion pounds as a ransom from UK tax payers
  5. Ukraine : EU provides the war torn nation with 500 million pounds cash aid
  6. India : The political storm in Tamil Nadu is still not cleared as Governor Rao states that “proving a majority in supporters is alone not enough to become CM”
  7. India : Rajya Sabha MP V Maitreyan  has raised his voice demanding action to be taken against Sasikala for threatening the state governor
  8. India : BJP shows strength by winning 3 out of 5 seats in UP, namely, Gorakhpur-Faizabad, Bareilly-Moradabad and Kanpur. The remaining two seats were won by Independent candidates
  9. Afghanistan : At least 8 people were killed in a car bomb
  10. USA : President Trump is busy now-a-days with his fingers as he tweets more than he makes laws
  11. Indonesia : Tens of thousands people have gathered in Jakarta urging people to elect a Muslim candidate as the capita city’s next governor

Technology :

  1. Facebook owned Oculus Rift slips down as HTC Vive outsells
  2. A security flaw in wordpress let hackers deface almost 1.5 million pages
  3. Hackers demand ransom to restore stolen medical data that were stolen from MongoDB
  4. School students will be given lesson in cyber security to find experts in the field to help UK protect itself from cyber attacks

Money :

  1. British Gas to keep hold of its prices until August
  2. SEBI to do a comprehensive review of SECC to increase its oversight of stock exchange
  3. RBI to link returns for small savings schemes with 10 year Gsec yield which is currently 6.60 to 6.70 %
  4. Ex-AIG CEO Greenberg reaches 9.9 million dollars in NY fraud case
  5. Consumer sentiment slips as Americans turn sour about their finances

Entertainment :

  1. Karan Johar is so sick and tired about the speculations about his personal life that he is now afraid to go out with a man friend
  2. New York city’s Museum of moving images has closed the performances by Shia LaBeouf citing public safety
  3. Grammy Awards host James Corden has some plans and surprises for the Sunday night’s show
  4. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Justin Timberlake and John Legend set to perform in the Oscars

Health :

  1. Sugary drink consumption by youth has far exceeded the recommended limits and major health issues are projected in the near future
  2. #fitspo photos in social media must be taken only for motivational purposes as negative sides of those photos are revealed
  3. Marathon Pharma to charge $89,000 for muscular dystrophy drug and that is because the disease has killed almost 12,000 boys in the US
  4. Study says to eat legumes, nuts and Kale to get big muscles
  5. AIOCD has asked the Indian government to put a hold on the act that gives permission to sell medicines online
  6. Australia has put forward a study that Indian consume 10.98 gm of salt daily whereas the recommended amount by WHO is only 2 gm