Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Work that affects our health which we don't notice

It is quite well known that corporate industry has ruined our health in almost every possible way. Long working hours, untimely food consumptions, lack of physical activities and damn it even breaks relationships but these are the most well-known and well documented problems and this is what the whole world sees but having a much keener observation will make people realise that there are a lot of other lesser known problems that we face on a daily basis which have equally high risk of affecting our health but we are not even aware that something like this is even possible. In this blog I am going to highlight such issues just so that we can take better care of ourselves better.
1. Carpal tunnel syndrome
I didn’t even know that something like this existed but as it turns out, this is a stress that is caused to our joints in fingers and wrists due to long hour usage of keyboards and mouse. There is no need to stress further into explaining how much we use these keyboards and mouse. There might have been times when we’d have noticed these pains after continuously typing for a long period of time but then we forget about it after breaking a few cracks from our knuckles but we should not forget that there is a consistency in our typing as that is what we do for the entire day and it is that consistency that is the cause of this problem.
2. Multitasking
Now-a-days who doesn’t multitask, it is like a basic necessity in this corporate world but we never stop for a moment to think what that does to our brain, if anything, we think that multitasking is something that is really cool and something to be proud of but in reality it is actually eating us from the inside. What multitasking actually does is it splits our brain into various portions while we focus on more than one task and that is actually harmful for our brain. This very quality is the basic reason for lowering our IQ more than drugs or lack of sleep. Also, this causes us other problems like lack of filtering unwanted information and loss of memory.
3. Overthinking
This is something that everyone working in a corporate environment has to do if they want to succeed. Now, before you tell me that you are a lazy worker and don’t think too much while working let me correct you and say that regardless of what kind of a person you are when it comes to work, in one way or the other your brain will keep doing its activity, which is thinking and on top of that already ongoing process, when we start to think something that’s related to work we over pressurise our brain and that leads to overthinking and stress but for those of you who work all the time and do nothing but thinking about it, you are in grave danger as overthinking might lead to mental disorder or heart problems.
4. Chatter
Now chatter in this context refers to what you hear around you in your workspace, if you’re working in a stuffed environment like me where in a small room, has more people than chairs and everyone is continuously talking about one thing or the other, you will definitely get hearing problems and research says that this is one of the major causes of stress. Did you even imagine that something like this could affect your health?
And these my friends are the lesser known problems which have major impact in our health and also in achieving work life balance.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.