Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Why do most wannabe writers fail to become authors

You must be interested to know the contents of this blog only if you have, in any point of your life, written something that you have considered worthy of recognition.
Let me guess, the first thing that hit your mind when you read this topic was, Hold on, is this guy going to say something about me? If this is the question in your mind at the moment, don’t worry. The only reason why I am writing about topic is because I have been one of them.

That is correct, I was a wannabe writer who wanted to write that book that will take the entire world by storm but just because I lacked the few essential qualities, I failed to achieve my dream but now after much struggle against my inner demons I came out alive and I can proudly say that I’m an author and my first book ‘THE AVARICE EFFECT’ is out there in amazon.

In this blog I am going to share with you all the reasons, why any wannabe writer (myself included) would fail to achieve their dream just because they have a few negative qualities.

Reason 1 : Lack of consistency

what do I mean by lack of consistency?
 Well, imagine you having this great idea in your mind which you think if present in the bookstores will be a bestseller. So you get all pumped up and immediately you start writing. You sit on that table for hours and write 10 or 15 pages but the moment you hit that first writers block….you begin to lose your grasp on your dream. That adrenalin rush that you had a few hours ago, that reduces drastically. That enthusiasm that you had, goes way below the line. What happens then? Well, then you decide that you will shelve the work that you started and continue it when you get rid of the block in your head…..
Two days later…..I still don’t know how I should continue
Five days later…..I’m not sure if what I’ve written is proper. May be I should start it from the start again
Fifteen days Late……I don’t even remember what I wanted to write about
Then you are out of the game. YOU ARE FINISHED.
You must have that consistency to continue what you started and unless you have that, you are never going to get that story completed and you will never get that consistency in you unless you have that desire, that relentless desire, to become a writer.

Reason 2 : Lack of confidence

 When you are in that mode, where the words just flow out of your fingers and you just can’t stop typing, be careful of that phase. Because sooner or later those words will stare back at you and make you ask yourself Hey, what I have written, is that right?
Let me tell  you now, your words will be brutally honest with you. The moment you make a mistake you will know it, cause the words will be staring at you and when you get that doubt, that self-doubt, that moment will be your confidence decider.
At that moment it will only be you who decides what side to lean on. Are you going to allow that self-doubt to question your confidence and demoralize your spirit or are you going to accept that what you have written is crap and say to yourself, may be what I have written is crap but I’ll correct it during my revisions and then continue writing.
The problem is that, at that moment of self-doubt, it will always be easy to give up. You will be thinking, this is wrong and I have to correct it but you don’t know when that moment to correct your mistake will arrive and ultimately you’ll end up having a LACK OF CONSISTENCY.

Reason 3 : Not going all out for it

 If you are a writer and you have written your book and you even have sent your work to a few publishers and ALL OF THEM HAVE REJECTED YOUR WORK.
Well, this is that state that will cut you in half and throw you to the ground mercilessly.
At this stage you will ask yourself, is my work really that bad that it’s not worth publishing? This is the question which you should not be asking yourself in the first place and even if you ask it, you do not have the permission to answer for it. It is entirely up to the readers to decide that and not you.
  If 10 publishers have rejected your work send it to 10 more and then a 20 more, no one can stop you from sending it to even a 100 publishers.
But those rejections from publishers will be so hard to handle that you won’t even be able to think of moving forward. Trust me I have been in such a state. But you must understand that it is those authors who go that extra mile who get the job done. So, don’t give up on the hard work that you had put to write down those words and go all out for it.

Thank you guys, for taking the time to read this post.