Friday, 17 February 2017

what do Indian politicians want?

Well, isn’t this a question that has been bugging everyone for a long time? However, the answer to this question as everyone knows is not an easy one but an easy one to explain. Politicians are human beings too who have the ability to think of their own and it is nearly impossible to predict or even understand what those humans are thinking until we get inside their head. Then why not do it? 
There are few ways in which we can understand from the past what could have been the reasons for famous political leaders to do what they did and that might help us to get an understanding about what and how today’s politicians are shaping the path for the future. 
 So in our efforts to understand what these politicians wanted, we are not only going to look at the origins of the political parties that they had formed but also we are going to look into the leaders themselves. Why did they do what they did?
Who doesn’t know Jawaharlal Nehru? This man was the most prominent member of the Indian Political movement during the British rule. So, what did this man want and why did he lead the Indian National Congress? This isn’t pretty hard to guess I believe. British were supressing us with their famous divide and rule policy and independence was the word in the lips of every Indian during that period and to gain independence, we had to prove that each and every Indian was capable of standing under one banner for one cause and one ideology. This was the very reason for the formation of the first political party in India, to unite all people. The ideology was welcomed by everyone and that is what led to the grand success of the party and get a name that stands strong even till today.
After Nehru, there were a lot of people who followed his footsteps and carried out his ideology. People like Lal Bahadur Shastri. these were the people who fought for independence, so a dream of having a bright future was what they would have had in their mind while ruling the country. Then it was Indira Gandhi who ruled India for a long period of time, following the ideologies of her father. So the reason these politicians had for wanting to rule a nation in the early stages can be said to be almost genuine.
Till Indira Gandhi’s reign, it was Indian National Congress, that had been the dominating party in India but it was also during her reign that Indian National Congress began to decline. Why?
Under both Nehru and Shastri, India saw a steady growth in its economy but it was during the reign of Indira Gandhi that this growth declined but that was largely due to the 1962 Indo-China war and the 1965 Indo-Pak war and also after the 1975 general election people started to lose faith in INC as Indira Gandhi was convicted of electoral malpractice and suffered a heavy loss. Indira Gandhi after the loss, started to become more assertive of her authority and it was at this point of time that a rivalry sparked between her deputy prime minister Moraji Desai and Indira Gandhi. So, what happened?
It is widely believed that Indira Gandhi though had the ideologies of her father, she did not have the same compassion. She was a power hungry individual and in order to attain power she did many radical changes inside her party and to the Indian Government and this was not welcomed by many within the party. This led to an outright war inside the party and that made Indira Gandhi to take much more drastic measures like declaring the state of emergency crisis, imprisonment of many political leaders including Moraji Desai and that caused more unrest. 
Needless to say, it was the lust for power that she had that led to an ultimate brand spilt and that caused the rise of Janata party (People’s party)
From that moment on, it was one over the other, trying to get control of power just because of personal dislike of each other and that has been going on till this day. One side wants to destroy the other just because their parties hate each other and in turn they hate each other and that too just to prove a point. I personally believe that the problem with the congress government is that rather than becoming a National Party, it has become more of a family party where only one family has control over it, which is why even if they do something wrong there is no one who can point fingers at them and shout it loud. The problem with the other parties is that since they are not a family party they have many members within the party who want to rise to power and are ever ready to point out a mistake by the leader and most of the time that will lead to a revolt inside the party or even a formation of a new party. 
Over the years our country saw the emergence of many political parties for various reasons but that main objective of each one of them was to grab the power of the highest level because most of the leaders of these new parties would definitely have been working for the ruling party at one point of time and they would have observed what it’s like to sit in the capital. 
Have these parties never done any good for the country? Of course they have but think about it for a moment, what was the actual reason why they wanted to do any good to the nation? Just so that they can prove to the people that since they are doing something good, they must be elected once again as since they have once tasted the power of the capital, they don’t want to let go of it.
In the end, the only thing that the politicians want is to have a grasp on the capital’s power because there is nothing quite like it.
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