Friday, 10 February 2017

United Arsenal – Divided Arsene

 Arsenal Football Club manager Arsene Wenger has said in a recent press conference that all Arsenal Fans must stay united just like Tottenham supporters and it is that statement of his that has forced me to write this blog.
He wants the fans to be true to the club and continue to support it but what the legendary manager doesnt understand is that the fans are completely behind the club which they have been supporting throughout their life but it is only the manager himself that they are not backing.
But the question I want to raise now is, has anyone got the guts to say that the fans have not been behind Wenger all this time?
The answer to that is a big NO.
Every Arsenal fan has been supporting Mr. Wenger for a long time just like they have been waiting to win the Premier League for a long time. It is quite agreed that no one would want to win the league title more than Wenger himself but the question is, what has he done to achieve that success? 
It would have been more understandable, had he faced a new problem every year in his title charge but that is not the case, is it? Every year the same story is being repeated where Arsenal would start the campaign strongly and would crumble in the middle stages of the league.
If you ask me, Wenger is the man with the most knowledge about the Premier League itself (Along with Sir Alex of course, who obviously is not coaching now). His knowledge about the system and type of game every premier league club would play with is better than new babies like Conte or Klopp or Guardiola or Poch or Mancini or Pellegrini or Mourinho but still he is not able to capitalise on that and bring the Premier League title to the Emirates stadium.
I personally feel that even if Wenger had managed to win the league twice or thrice in this trophy draught 13 years, every single Arsenal fan all over the world would have still had his back instead of raising banners against him.
Coming back to the point where I ask what Mr. Wenger has done to win the league title. The answer is quite simple as he has done very little. Don’t tell me that Leicester had better quality than Arsenal, would it have been that hard to stop Leicester’s title charge last season? When every other top club was underperforming and Wenger had the best chance to win the Premier League but he blew it.
When all other clubs are ready to spend hundreds of millions, Wenger would spend not even half of that. Not to mention the injury crisis that Arsenal goes through every year. These are the known problems that Arsenal have been facing for almost a decade and Mr. Wenger is still not able to bring out a solution for it. 
Just like Wenger wants the supporters to understand that he is trying his best, he too must understand that the supporters of tired of waiting and they want results immediately and if he can’t produce it then he should let someone else take the reins and manage the club. His legacy in the club will always live but he must not let his ego get the better of him and lose his respect.