Sunday, 12 February 2017

The psychology of a blogger

Here I was sitting in this stupid hotel room, all alone, wondering what should I blog about next? I definitely have to summarize the world news but that is not until evening, I write about football, so should I write about that? Immediately my lazy brain that gets all energetic when it’s time to kick my butt woke up and told me It’s Sunday you dumb moron, you anyway have to write about Football in the evening….well that killed it, so I sat there on my chair and continued to think OH OH OH I know, I like to research, so let me find something that is really nice and useful and research about it and I’ll blog about it but once again my brain woke up and said You stupid idiot, there are just so many things out there that it is almost impossible to zero down on one topic to research which you think people might like and I was like what the hell do you want me to do then? But obviously I was not going to get any answer for that, was I?
Now, the major reason why bloggers such as me get stuck in a situation such as above is because we want to write some content in our blog and we write those contents either to earn money or just for the satisfaction of it but the only way I can either earn or satisfy myself is only if I have enough audience. So at the end of the day it all comes down to having a lot and lot and lot and lot and lot and LLLLOOOOOOTTT of people visiting your website every day.
So, I turned on my computer, went to the internet and started to ask google all these crappy questions like what are the hot topics to blog about? What are the most searched topics in google? What do most bloggers blog about? And as usual, our tireless google spat answers for all those questions within seconds and I sleepily went through each of those contents. It took me a while to realize that, what I was reading were not answers to my questions but in fact those websites that I was referring to turned out to be marketing sites where they were selling their brains for a price and I was having a huge WTF expression on my face. Why are you asking money to help others by giving advice? That was question in my mind
When a website would say something like 30 STEPS TO INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE IN 30 DAYS in huge bold letters I would shout out loud BULLLLLLCRAP
If I had those few hundred or thousands of dollars, why I would even be in a situation to visit those sites? People would stand in front of a camera with their suits and would tell a bunch of crap and to see those craps I’d have to pay money and after listening to it I would realize that to achieve what the guy says I would have to spend even more money, this is such S**T. No offence to any of you intelligent entrepreneurs out there but what most of you must realize is that WE DON’T HAVE THE MONEY.
I know, those people would then say, I’m selling but no one is forcing you to buy it you stupid fat f**k. That is very true but the point is, it’s not that I’m mad because I can’t buy it but the fact is, I get mad when I visit those sites with expectations and have to return disappointed. Free advice is easy to give, right? So, why don’t you do it?
It is not rocket science to figure out that when someone starts a new blog or a website they are not going to get the much needed audience and that it can only be achieved over a period of time. I know that I don’t get recognized easily, I need to work my butt off to gain that recognition and reputation.
I used to have 10 to 12 people visit my blog every day. Hasty as I was, as soon as I learnt about adsense I went for it but within minutes I got kicked out because my site was not generating enough traffic but I still continued to write and was satisfied with those 10 or 12 people who’d read my blog. Eventually the disappointment got the better of me and AT ONE POINT OF TIME I LITERALLY STOPPED BLOGGING.
I didn’t blog for almost a year and in that year, I started to become more active on the social networks and dedicated my time to writing my novel (The Avarice Effect). Then by the start of 2017 I decided that I need to start blogging again as I got this great new idea of summarizing the World News of the entire day and posting it on my site so that people who don’t have the time can just go through it before going to bed and they would come to know all that happened in the world that day. I thought I was a great idea and I immediately started doing it.
To my great surprise on the very first day I had over a 100 hits on my website(though only 30 people or so viewed the world news report) I was still overwhelmed that I, who used to get 10 hits a day have now got over a 100. That was totally awesome.
Now, I got greedy and wanted more people to visit my blog and I started to write more and scream out in twitter and facebook and guess what, it worked. For the past three days I have been getting more than a 100 hits daily. This is nothing short of an accomplishment for me. I wanted to continue on my success and to do so I wanted an exciting new content for my blog and that is when I got stuck. I didn’t know what to write about and again asked google those crappy questions today and realized how pathetic I sounded. Why didn’t I realize that those guys were still going to ask me for money?
Now, I was angry. Not at those salesmen but at myself. Why should I even be so impatient and behave so hasty? That’s when I realized that even a little success increases your hunger for more and you become miserable and pathetic again. I should have slowed down and continued do the things consistently as I was doing. In this world where everything is about the social media and the internet, I understood that sooner or later my work will be recognized and that I just have to do it consistently.
All of a sudden, I got this idea to write about how a blogger’s mind would work and here I am writing it down for you guys to read. Even now, I am having the hope, deep down inside, that many people would read this blog and this post will become famous. But I don’t know if it will but there is nothing wrong is hoping, is there?
Thank you guys for taking the time to read this post.