Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Israel-Palestine Issue

The recent report is that the Prime Minister of Israel is visiting the President of United States to seek the latter’s aid to bring about peace between Israel and Palestine.

Now, why is this such a major issue? Why is the world so focused on this matter and talking about it?

This is not something that can be explained in a line or in a paragraph but I’ve gathered some much needed information from various sources and I’ll try to be as precise and concise as possible.

To put it straight, this is a war that has been going on for almost a century, with the basis of this war being religion and to stake the claim over the oldest cities in the world : Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is said to be the origin of three major religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Israel is a Jewish state and Palestine is an Islamic state. The origin of this problem as I understand is that Israel wants to be recognized as Jewish Country but most of the other Muslim countries do not agree to that. This is the core issue, religion is the backbone of this problem and then of course happened the British.

Before the 1900’s a lot of Jewish left their homeland and stretched out far and wide and the majority of the population in the homeland became Arabs. Then broke World War 1 which was won by an combined army of British, French and Russians, that brought the demise of Ottoman Empire and the British took control of the region. This was when the Jews began to really push for a country of their own. Soon, when the idea of having a country of their own began to spread, a lot of Jews returned to their homeland with the numbers almost triple as to the number of Jews who left a few decades ago and this was not welcomed by the Arabs and unrest engulfed the area and that is when the British began their divide and rule policy, something that they have always been doing in the past. Somehow the British were able to control both the Jews and the Arabs but then World War 2 broke out after which everything went chaos.

One side wanted the other dead. It was all the Arab nations against the state of Israel but Israel stood their ground and were able to repulse all attacks and stand even till today. So, that is how the conflict began and is still going.

So, what is our President Trump going to do? How can he solve something that no man in history has ever been able to achieve?

Before we get into that, let me tell you why the US supports Israel.

The first and foremost reason is oil. There is just so much oil in Israel that in the past it is what was given as gifts to anyone who supported them. May be that is what is still being followed today. The other reason is military. Reports say that the US has been using Israel as its storage ground for safe keeping its arms and ammunitions. Now, the United States can’t let their prized weapons get out of their hands, can they?

So coming to the resolution part. A two state proposition was put forth, where Israel would be recognized as a separate state and Palestine will be recognized as a separate state. This sounds as an easy way to solve the whole issue, right? But it isn’t ass easy as it sounds. If you have a state, you need a capital and what could be a better capital than the holy state of Jerusalem? But with the state right in the middle, who can be given the authority over it? Israel? Palestine? Even if one of them is given the right to call Jerusalem as their capital then it’d definitely cause the breakout of a religious war of great proportions with uncountable casualties.

Not only that, the animosity between Israel and Palestine has taken it's root very deep that not neither one will recognize the other as their equal and would want to share lands with them,  though it is widely said that the only thing that Israel wants is to be recognized as an all Jewish state and want a separate identity for them.

This is why achieving peace between Israel and Palestine has always been a tough task for any one.

Latest report however suggest that President Trump will not go forward with the two state solution. Now, this is an interesting turn of events. President Trump is choosing to take a new route to solve this issue about which we have no idea. Only time will tell.

So that my friends is the Israel-Palestine issue in a nut-shell.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.