Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Technologies that might change India in 2017

Long gone are the days where we used to dream of a world with endless possibilities. We are living it at the moment. Technology is almost at its peak today and it makes me wonder if there is anything at all that we cannot achieve and the other thing that it makes me wonder is, if we will be able to live a simple life without having to be surrounded by wires and cables.
There is no denying the fact that technology will make our lives easier to live and here are the five technological applications that have a bigger chance of affecting our lives in the near future.

1. Amazon Echo & Google home

These smart speakers voice controlled devices which have been around for a little over two years and these little beasts are ready to plant its root in India. Though google home is already available in the market, Amazon’s echo will be available from the second half of 2017. To give a brief overview, this device will be more like your personal assistant and will do some things for you like telling the weather, reading the news, playing music and much more.

2. Smart homes

Now, this is something that many have been living with for a while now. We evolved from table fan to ceiling fan to remote controlled fans and now it’s all about smart fans and it’s not only fans that are going to get smart. With Wi-Fi and voice control providing much of the required stability when it comes to giving commands, we can expect a lot of our home appliances to become smart but they will still remain our servants.

3. Synthetic foods

It seems just like yesterday when the concept of eating organic food was the talk of the day but technology is growing so fast that in the very near future we could be talking about synthetic food. These are nothing but lab grow food. Does this mean that they are artificially created? Yes and no. These are the kind of food that are developed based on the extracts of naturally grown foods. The reason why these kinds of food are being developed is purely because of over population and our poor farmers are not able to keep up with the demands thanks to technology that is altering the course of nature.

4. Virtual reality

Pok√©mon go was a massive hit last year and we can expect a more of that this year too but it is not only in the field of games but in daily lives as well. Another great example in this field would be google glass and not to mention the Gear VR’s that are being sold almost everywhere.

5. Health monitoring applications

This will be like having a doctor in our pockets. Smartphones have become a household names even many remote villages and with the growing climate change and pollutions, we need to have a check on our health every now and then and we cannot just keep going to the doctors either because we are too damn busy or we don’t want to pay them. Not to worry, a whole load of medical apps are on the way that’ll help us to monitor our health by ourselves without anyone’s assistance.

Can we even live in the future without these? Will we even have a choice?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.