Friday, 17 February 2017

Next-Gen HMI - Force Press Remotes

How many times have we faced the situation when while watching one channel we would always want to know what is going on in the other? But in order to do that we’d always have to switch over from one channel to the other.
Now, thanks to Peratech and Humax, switching over from one channel to the other just to get to know what’s happening on the other side, will not be necessary. Using Peratech’s Quantum Tunnelling Composite, technology a remote control has been developed, which using a force touch method, allows the user to navigate between channels. A short press will allow the user to see the contents, a press and hold option will show a preview and a hard press will send it to picture in picture mode. This new kind of HMI, provides a plug and play solution that enables HUMAX to offer this unique experience.
Jon Stark, CEO of Peratech commented, "We worked with Humax to build a concept prototype for the IBC show last Fall and, based on significant positive customer responses, Humax and Peratech are now collaborating on customer projects that will improve the home entertainment user experience within the next year."  
Jeff Kim, President of HUMAX Europe said, "Our recent combinations of both hardware and software innovations to create compelling, engaging interfaces native to today's vast array of content is a game changer for our customers. Peratech's QTC-based force touch solutions are one cornerstone of our Aware Force Touch HMI, a multisensory experience we launched in 2016."
Now, that we can have this. May be it’s time for voice controlled TV’s?
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