Monday, 13 February 2017

It's unnecessary to buy costly smartphones in India

Why is it unnecessary to waste large sums of your income in buying a really cool smartphone?
Well this of course is the long version question of the topic itself but let that not worry you because the happy news is India’s smart phone industry is on the boom and according to Farmingham, a Massachusetts-based researcher IDC, India is on the verge of becoming the 3rd largest smartphone market in the world in 2017.
To support this research, let me give you a little fact. Three years ago in 2012 Micromax had increased its shipments to 633,000 smartphones in the last quarter of 2012 from 9,990 the year earlier. So, if that was the case in 2012, what the research says about 2017 must be true. 
Also, another fact says this, for those of you Apple i-phone lovers out there please be informed that India is the costliest place to buy i-phone because, the price which you pay is not just the manufacturing cost. That price includes, custom duty + central government tax + state government tax + depreciation of Indian rupee + base price. 
So, why go for these high end, high cost smartphones where our market is providing us with a whole of other easy options. 
There are two major reasons why smartphones are on a boom in India. Here are the two reasons
1. It’s a marketing strategy
Now, that the entire world is so dependent on smartphones that even for hiring people for work those little things come in hand, there is just no way around it for us and the manufacturers are taking advantage of this and mobile phones are manufactured in such a way that they don’t last long. So, when you lose one you just have no other option to buy another one. Which is one of the reasons why phones like i-phone that are durable have a high base price but when the i-phone gets physically damaged, the cost of repairing it is equal to buying a new low-budget smart phone from other brands.
2. Change is in our nature
Every human has this crave to get their hands on the newest thing in the market and we get bored of mobiles too easily. Some people change their mobiles once every three or four months and this happens all over the world but since India is so populated that the sales are sky rocketing through the roof and manufacturers are taking advantage of this fact and this is precisely why new phones are being released on such short notices. 
Given the rise of cost in all the products around us and since there just seems no way that there is going to price reduction in the basic commodities that we need it just makes no sense why we need to spend a huge chunk of money on smartphones just to change them again especially when manufacturers are fighting amongst themselves to provide us good mobiles at a low price.
India has accounted for 27.5 million devices sold in the second quarter of 2016, up 17 percent from the previous quarter. Why is there such a steep rise? Just because the manufacturers see large volume in our country after China. New apps and technologies are invented and dumped in India just because they get the volume to sell it and we are happily spending our hard earned money to buy products about whose durability we have no idea but when our market is on such an exponential rise, why to invest tons of money in it ?
The other major reason is because slowly China is on the verge of reaching its saturation when it comes to smartphones which is why 19 Chinese manufacturers are selling their products in India. Which again means that many new companies are planning to ship their products to India and if they want to see some sales then they have no option but to sell at a competitive cost. 
New smartphones with little or no changes in specifications are being released very frequently and at competitive prices at that which is why we are able to replace these smartphones without having to think twice about it but that will not be the case if you have spent your two or three months combined income on a single handset.
The market is expanding exponentially and the options are numerous. Think about it.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.