Thursday, 16 February 2017

Unlimited storage soon to be a reality

Who doesn’t like to have unlimited storage? And why? just for the reason that we don’t have to delete anything? No because we want to cherish those memories (or because I am just too lazy to delete). No matter what, the idea of unlimited storage sounds awesome to me. The idea will be quite welcoming as now-a-days everything is being stored electronically and for people who have to deal with a lot of paperwork, this option will definitely come in handy.
Though the facility of unlimited storage was initially given by Microsoft in Onedrive, now we are allowed to store only till 1 TB of data but it seems like things are about to take a turn. Google is allowing unlimited photo storage in its pixel but it has been predicted by many wise minds that in the near future (as near as 2018) more than 90% of the world will have unlimited storage access and the major reason for this is the price of hard disk per GB is getting reduced in a rate faster than expected. Long gone are the days where getting a storage of 1TB was a WOOOOW moment.
Who cares what the reason is, we are getting unlimited storage right? But there might be a little trouble in this. Though the price of a 1 TB hard disk reduce to an affordable range, it did take its time. So, how long would someone have to wait to buy an affordable 10 TB hard disk?