Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Eternal Nokia 3310 is back

Just when the other mobile brands were being trolled all over the internet, famously by the caption “Your daddy is back” when Nokia launched its latest smartphone Nokia 6 and just when we couldn’t get enough of it, a latest news is emerging that “the mother of them all” handset is going to make an possible return from the grave this February and if you are wondering what phone it is? It’s none other than Nokia 3310.
The most resilient, durable, everlasting and indestructible mobile phone of all time is about to make a stunning comeback to the market.
I was complete shocked when I heard the news. This phone was built like a tank and performed like a Ferrari (now now, don’t complain that it was just a basic phone, you all know what I mean) and who in the world will forget the legendary snake game, but my excitement was only short lived. Why?
If you’ve read my earlier posts, you’d have known how I talk about, our lives being dominated by technology. I spoke about how over-dependent we all were over the smartphones and how it would almost be a nightmare for anyone to live without a touch screen mobile and not to mention the unavailability of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media app and especially the internet and that is precisely the reason why I’m doubting, if Nokia 3310 might have any impact in our lives, as it had about 2 decades ago.
The first question to be answered is, who would buy this phone once it’s launched?
Now, I’m not saying that the eternal 3310 will not have a market but the question is, will it have such a huge market? Many crazies like me might buy it, but we won’t last two hours without scrolling up and down or using both our thumbs to type in a QWERTY keypad.
Overall, the news that Nokia is back is good as it has always been a reliable manufacturer and maybe we could make our lives a little simpler and get some free time from the smartphone world but bringing back 3310 just for the sake of it, might bite them back.

Would you buy the phone? What’s your say?

Thank you for reading this post.