Thursday, 16 February 2017

Flesh Trade in India with alarming figures

After vising the India today website, the first news that greeted me this morning was this “20 children kidnapped every day in Delhi, mostly forced into flesh trade, domestic service”

This news was kind of shocking for me as I could not believe neither the intensity nor the gravity of the situation.

A question started to take shape in my mind, if from Delhi alone, 20 children are being kidnapped daily, what would be the count for the entire country?

I then went to the internet and started to do my search and from various sources I was able to collect a few useful and disgusting information that I‘ll share in this post.

For a country that has a population of over 1.2 billion, the disappearance of 20 children might look like a very minute number. If that is your thought let me give some food to it.

1.       From Delhi alone around 30,000 children have gone missing since 2013

2.       Almost 271 children have gone missing in the first three months of 2016 in Tamil Nadu and there is an estimate that every day at least 2 children go missing, which means that in a year you can get an average of 700 children a year. Now, consider the same timeline as Delhi and that would put the figures as 2800 children would have gone missing since 2013

3.       In Mumbai around 5000 minors have gone missing between 2011 to 2013

4.       In the period of 2013, from Kolkata around 20,000 women and children went missing


Now, the numbers are starting to make some sense, right? And I have considered only a few states and cities.

Reports say that around 40,000 are kidnapped every year throughout the country. So, if we consider that figure for the last 5 years the numbers are frightening.

After reading this alarming report, I wanted to know what might be the reason for so many women, teens and children being kidnapped. The answer in a single word is pleasure.

Children are kidnapped so that they can be stripped naked and made to dance in bars. Women are kidnapped so that they can be given as a gift when it comes to successful business negotiations. Teens are used as currencies for doing trade.

The disgusting part of it all is that there are many women who run brothel homes and there are many tribes in India that have a tradition of letting their girls get into prostitution as it is a mandate and not doing so will be a crime against their culture and tradition.

Women, teens and children are taken against their will and are sold in the international market for sex trade.

People might say that only about kidnapping is being written and that there are many children and women who have been safely brought back and are united with their family. True as it might be, reports also say that only 30 to 40 percent of the kidnapped children are returned back to their family. So, what happens to the rest?

We get a news on a daily basis and that says that only 2 or 5 or 10 or 20 women and children are kidnapped and the intention of this post is to make the readers realize that it is not the daily numbers that we must take into account and ignore this issue as the numbers seem to be too small. Behind the scenes, the numbers as a whole is far too large to be ignored. Let us not ignore this issue considering the daily numbers as something needs to be done and fast.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post.