Monday, 25 April 2016

How should Chelsea FC line up next season

Image result for chelsea fcNow that the current season is over for Chelsea FC, it's time for us to look towards the future and our future is all about changes. Changes in the manager, changes in the dressing room, changes in the players attitude and changes in decision making by the club hierarchy. Changes everywhere.

It has been confirmed that the former Juventus and current Italy national team coach Antonio Conte is set to take the reigns of Chelsea football club as the owner Roman Abramovic looks to turn around the fortunes of his club after a disastrous 2015-16 season.

So, without any further delay. Here are the players that I think will be required to get the club back to its best and I am going to consider the formation 3-5-2 that Conte so prefers.

Goal Keeper : Begovic

Courtois has been a disaster between the sticks this season and I personally feel that Begovic has been more matured there. Though Courtois has played more big games than Begovic he does not possess that commanding presence that our former No1 Cech or the current No 1 Begovic has.

Sell Courtois, bring in Leno who is young and will be a good addition for us

Defenders : Azpilicueta - Varane- Ricardo Rodriguez

Well there is no doubt in the qualities of Azpi as he has been one of our best players this season so he is the obvious choice to be our RB.

Many of you may wonder why Varane and not Zouma and the reason is quite simple. Zouma has been out with a knee injury for half a year and though he has been one of our best we simply cannot take the risk of assuming that he will be at his best as soon as he returns and we need someone else who has good experience and Varane suits the requirement. He wants regular game and that is what he will get if he joins us

Ricardo is a player who might not have an explosive pace but he is the perfect defender who can also cross like one of the best and is good set piece taker too and in addition he is young.

We can have in reserve Zouma and Baba and also please sell Ivanovic and Cahill.

Midfielders : Cuadrado - Fabregas - Naingolan - Kroos - Willian/Hazard

Not much of an explanation is required as to why these players were selected to be in the midfield. These players can bring everything to the team. Creativity, stability, flair and what not. We need not spend on Cuadrado but Naingolan and Kroos will cost us significant but we are in the progress of rebuilding our team and that is what we must do. Squeez the money bag dry and buy players that will stay with us for long term.

Sell Mikel, Matic and Oscar

Strikers : Griezmann - Costa

Costa has been our main man for the past season and the current one but he has to be one of the most selfish players I have seen. He takes the ball on his own and tries to bully his way past defenders and eventually ends us losing the ball while Griezmann takes the ball on his own and tries to dribble his way past defenders and eventually ends up scoring. He can also be unselfish and do the right thing. He will be the perfect partner for Costa for God knows that we need the physicality that Costa brings to the pitch.

Send Falcao back and keep Pato as he is happy to play second fiddle.

So, this concludes our team that I think in my opinion is capable of winning all trophies. A gentle reminder of the team once again with substitutes

          Azpilicueta - Varane - Ricardo Rodriguez
Cuadrado - Fabregas - Naingolan - Kroos - Hazard/Willian
                            Griezmann - Costa

Substitutes - Leno, Ruben Loftus Cheek, Kenedy, Hazard/Willian, Pato, Zouma, Baba, Traore

And Finally my word to my Chelsea FC : No matter what else you do, give the captain's armband to Cesc Fabregas. No one deserves it more than him.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Chelsea FC - 2015-16

I was actually saving this post to be written after the 2015-16 season ends but now that technically, theoretically, strategically and in every other way, our season seems to have come to an end I thought, I might just get over with it. 

Before I begin, let me tell you the stages in which our season crumbled 
1. A disastrous start to the season that saw us sitting a point above relegation
2. Knocked out of the domestic cup competition
3. Sacking of Mourinho
4. Knocked out of the champions league
5. Nearing the end of the season, we are also going to miss out a chance of playing in next seasons European competition

Yeah, that about sums up our woeful 2015-16 season.

I am actually in a confused state. One part of me thinks that having been put under a lot of pressure by Mourinho, the players snapped and turned against him and that led to our poor start and ultimately in the Special one's sacking and the other part of me thinks that Mourinho knew that no matter what he does he'll be sacked in a year or so and did things on purpose that lost him the dressing room and ruined Chelsea. Though I hope the later is not true.

Hiddink came in and brought stability to the team but that didn't change much of our fortunes. Yes, we are 15 games unbeaten in the league but most of them have been draws but at least we are now in the top half of the table. 

The state in which the football club is considering its recent history and the colossal amount of money that Roman Abramovic has spent for us, we have no excuses for him except accepting that we are where we are because of our own mistakes. 

To say about the form of our players at the start of the season Costa played like a stupid, Fabregas played like a clown, Hazard played like he didn't want to, Matic didn't know what role he was playing, Oscar was inconsistent more than usual. Willian was giving his everything and Pedro too, to some extent. Our defense completely forgot how to defend except Azpilicueta who worked hard. Considering this, it doesn't come as a surprise as to why Chelsea slumped but for the money that we were being paid, they should have at least tried but no. They did not.

After Hiddink stepped in, Costa started to score in almost every game, Fabregas regained his magical passing, we started conceding less and score more. How did the fortunes turn around all of a sudden? This question alone casts doubt on the players for being irresponsible but on the other hand Hiddink did something that Mourinho failed to, He trusted the youngsters and also gave Mikel a chance that he made full use of and became our saviour this season. Every thing smoothed after Hiddink but that doesn't change the fact that we are finishing this season without any trophy and not even in top 6. 

Forgetting this pathetic season of us is not going happen any time soon and thinking about it is also not going to help us in anyway. All that we can do now is use this as a motivation and fight for the titles next term. 

One life. One club. Chelsea FC.