Sunday, 31 January 2016

Gangster by Lorenzo Carcaterra

The first thing that came to my mind after I had finished reading the book is 'Why hasn't this been turned into a movie? This book is epic on every scale. Scorsese should definitely direct it with Leonardo DiCaprio'

The story of how a young boy born inside a burning ship on its way to America from Italy makes it to the land of the free and the brave and how he becomes the most dangerous , respected , feared , loved and successful gangster in America. 

This is the story of Angelo Vestieri, 

Image result for gangster lorenzo carcaterraThe first few pages of the book, that is till the birth of Angelo, I thought that book was a drag. Not even the scene where the father had to murder his own son was jaw dropping for me but from the point where Angelo joined hands with Pudge thanks to Ida the goose and went under the guidance of Angus Mcqueen, the first gangster of the 20th century I was totally gripped. The book grabbed me by the throat till the last page. 

This book has everything in it from the joy of being loved to the loss of loved ones to gang wars to  loneliness that poverty brings to the friends and foes that money brings to the brutality of being on the other side of the law to everything about a gangster and I can honestly say that this book is superior to The Godfather. It is only after reading this book I understood that there are many books out there that are potentially better than many best sellers but have not come to our notice. 

The writing style is also unique and the way in which the growth of the characters have been shown is splendid as it has a mix of the past and present. The combination of the story being told in first person and the third has been splendidly crafted. The dialogues are the greatest strength of the story. After you read this, you will know what it means to be a man and what it means to be THE MAN. The way in which circumstances forces one to make decisions have been minutely explored and explained by the author. This is no normal book. This is a masterpiece. 

The way in which human emotions have been explained are so good that you could actually feel it and the way in which Angelo has been sculptured will definitely make you want to love him, respect him and follow him.

The story about one of the greatest gangster of the past century is truly captivating and if you chose to read this book, then make sure to do it at a stretch. You will be on one gruesome ride of your life. 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

How to improve your writing skills

This blog is specifically for those who would want to start and continue their career as a novelist. I am yet to publish my first book but I've not given up writing it. I have been writing for nearly three years now and now I am in the final stages of completing it. In this blog I am going to share what I have learnt about writing a novel in my attempt to write one.

Image result for reader1. First and foremost quality of a writer is to read as much as possible. It is only when you read that you'll get to know the various ways of structuring a novel. Each author has his/her own unique way of writing and once you get know it, you'll be able to form/ discover your own way of writing. So,  as much as you can and whenever you can READ.

Image result for writer2. Remember the saying - Practice makes a man perfect. The saying fits perfectly for a writer. If you keep writing daily and continue building your story line by line, paragraph by paragraph and scene by scene, then eventually sooner rather than later, you'll have a complete novel in your hands. Initially your writing might be crap but as it progresses, you'll get to notice the difference. You'll see that your writing has improved and most importantly it will be worth reading. So, Keep writing. 

Image result for writer3. Finally, the most important job of a writer as far as I have observed is revision. Revision process of a novel is similar to that of molding a statue. You need to keep going through it again and again till you reach a saturation and you feel that the book that you have in your hand in indeed complete. No novel can be completed without revision and you too must do it if you intend to remove all the junk in your novel from the worthy words that the reader is going to read once your book is published. It might take ten revisions before you submit your draft to a publisher but once you've done it with all honesty you will understand it was worth it.

Writing a novel is no joke. It takes hours of hard work and it will break your spirit. It will test your resolve and it will hurt you but only if you learn to endure it, embrace it and live with it then nothing can stop you from becoming what you want to become. A WRITER.