Saturday, 2 April 2016

Chelsea FC - 2015-16

I was actually saving this post to be written after the 2015-16 season ends but now that technically, theoretically, strategically and in every other way, our season seems to have come to an end I thought, I might just get over with it. 

Before I begin, let me tell you the stages in which our season crumbled 
1. A disastrous start to the season that saw us sitting a point above relegation
2. Knocked out of the domestic cup competition
3. Sacking of Mourinho
4. Knocked out of the champions league
5. Nearing the end of the season, we are also going to miss out a chance of playing in next seasons European competition

Yeah, that about sums up our woeful 2015-16 season.

I am actually in a confused state. One part of me thinks that having been put under a lot of pressure by Mourinho, the players snapped and turned against him and that led to our poor start and ultimately in the Special one's sacking and the other part of me thinks that Mourinho knew that no matter what he does he'll be sacked in a year or so and did things on purpose that lost him the dressing room and ruined Chelsea. Though I hope the later is not true.

Hiddink came in and brought stability to the team but that didn't change much of our fortunes. Yes, we are 15 games unbeaten in the league but most of them have been draws but at least we are now in the top half of the table. 

The state in which the football club is considering its recent history and the colossal amount of money that Roman Abramovic has spent for us, we have no excuses for him except accepting that we are where we are because of our own mistakes. 

To say about the form of our players at the start of the season Costa played like a stupid, Fabregas played like a clown, Hazard played like he didn't want to, Matic didn't know what role he was playing, Oscar was inconsistent more than usual. Willian was giving his everything and Pedro too, to some extent. Our defense completely forgot how to defend except Azpilicueta who worked hard. Considering this, it doesn't come as a surprise as to why Chelsea slumped but for the money that we were being paid, they should have at least tried but no. They did not.

After Hiddink stepped in, Costa started to score in almost every game, Fabregas regained his magical passing, we started conceding less and score more. How did the fortunes turn around all of a sudden? This question alone casts doubt on the players for being irresponsible but on the other hand Hiddink did something that Mourinho failed to, He trusted the youngsters and also gave Mikel a chance that he made full use of and became our saviour this season. Every thing smoothed after Hiddink but that doesn't change the fact that we are finishing this season without any trophy and not even in top 6. 

Forgetting this pathetic season of us is not going happen any time soon and thinking about it is also not going to help us in anyway. All that we can do now is use this as a motivation and fight for the titles next term. 

One life. One club. Chelsea FC.