Friday, 18 December 2015

Jose Mourinho sacked. Again !!!!

I must honestly admit that I have mixed feelings about the special one being sacked by Chelsea FC's board and here I am to give my opinion on Jose Mourinho being sacked.

Image result for jose mourinhoWe all know the reason for that, don't we? Last year the only phrase which was synonymous to Chelsea was Champions all the way but this term, the words used were failure, disappointment, disaster and much more negatives but the question to be asked now is, should Mourinho be held solely responsible for our poor performance? I mean he is the one who led us to a double title winning campaign last year. 

He has been able to bring the best out of his players and there is no denying that and I personally feel that the players are also to be partly blamed for our poor performance, it is after all the players who do the field work. 

Jose Mourinho is indeed the special one and below is the statistics that proves it

ManagerGWDLWin %PointsPts/match
Van Gaal5428151151.9991.83

When the results began to drop, mostly ever Chelsea fan was thinking that Mourinho must be sacked and that was evident in the social network but those were words of anger. Slowly, everyone (including me) came to realize that Mourinho was the right person to lead us but the club board thought different. 

If we had acted during the summer transfer window and brought home more world class talent like we did last term, then perhaps our season would have been different.

There was no doubt that Abramovic was providing his full support to Mourinho when it was most needed and that too was done publicly but there just seemed to be no sign of improvement. 

Image result for jose mourinhoThe hard truth is that there is just no manager our there with a CV as powerful as the one that Mourinho has but the board had to make a choice. Mourinho was blaming the players for the poor results and it was no secret that there was friction between the players and the manager in the dressing room. The choice that the board had was to either keep Mourinho or to keep the players. Neither of which is an easy choice. I mean come on, would any of you had agreed if the club would have let go of players like Hazard, Willian or Oscar? They are the start of a new era in the Stamford bridge and they should be kept. They are our future leaders and may be it is keeping this in mind that the board decided to axe the manager.

It was imminent that some thing had to change in the club. There is just no question about it. Changes should have been done but this was a rather too harsh. We all knew that this was coming but we didn't want it but Mourinho too didn't get the job done and was leaving the board with limited choice. 

I believe that Mourinho should have been given more chance. Bring about a winning streak or you're fired or If results don't improve by January you're fired. These objectives could have been set for Mourinho.

Who ever is appointed now, if starts to bring around results will prove that the problem was indeed with Jose and if not, then the club had made a mistake and we have lost one of the best managers in the world.