Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bridge of Spies Movie review to begin?

What was I expecting when I got to know that Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg were going to work together again?

The answer is quite simple.I thought that the movie was going to be nothing less than awesome.

What was my state of mind when the trailer of the movie got released?

Again, the answer is simple. The trailer blew my brain out. I was like WWWOOOOOOWWWWW.

What happened to me when the movie got released?

I was not able to control myself. I wanted to watch it the next minute it got released but I had to wait a whole day before I got the chance to watch it. I was filled with excitement as I sat in the theatre and the movie started to play. I was in a whole new world.

How was my feeling after watching the movie?

Hanks is a lawyer who is going to defend a Russian spy and his life is going to get miserable because of that. This is quite different. Isn't it?
USA sends a pilot to take pictures of the enemy territory and he gets caught. This is seriously bad for the pilot

Hanks is sent to negotiate the release of the pilot in exchange for the release of the Russian spy. Simple way, but how is he going to do it?
When Hanks walks to the enemy location he finds that a USA student is also arrested and he wants to save the kid too but its not his decision to make. The government only wants the pilot to be safe. What are you going to do Mr. Hanks?
Hanks just speaks with the officials and gets both the Americans to be released in exchange for the Russian spy and the movie is over. Wait a minute. Is that it? Is that really it? This is not what I was expecting. There is just nothing in the movie.

So, if you folks are asking me how was the movie. do I begin?

Friday, 2 October 2015

What is wrong with Chelsea FC?

"What is wrong with Chelsea FC?" The reason I chose this title is because I want to analyze what is wrong with my team. Yes it is the team I support and it hurts to see it fail so bad.

Now, to answer the question, I think our first mistake was to be idle and let the summer transfer window pass by without making any significant signings. Yes, we did try to get Pogba but we waited and waited and waited and finally the transfer season got over and we are still waiting. We did bring in Pedro but he doesn't seem to be in the best of his form like how he was at Barcelona. Not to mention Falcao who is well past his prime.

So, is missing out in the transfer window the only reason why we are struggling so much? of course not. We are lacking confidence, we are lacking tactical abilities, we are lacking in composure, precision and stability and above all, we are lacking leadership quality.

There is no doubt that Mourinho is the one of the finest managers in the sport but even he is unable to turn our fortunes around and what frustrates me the most is that even after so many defeats he is with all smiles and is still playing players who are out-of-form. I mean Ivanovic is not even half the quality that he was last term and it's not only him, Fabregas, Matic, one is near their best. Willian seems to be the only one who is playing true.

We brought in Baba Rahman and he is benched because Mourinho thinks he's not ready. I mean give him a couple of matches. If you can play Ivanovic then why not him? Oscar has not been given many chances since last term. There is a lot of potential in him and I think he is not being used properly. We can use Kennedy, Loftus-cheek, Remy, Traore. These players are ready to prove themselves and will do good if given the chance or at least we can experiment it for a few matches. We are desperate need for victories and we can try something different.

This season is out of our hands. Only a miracle can turn things around now. No silverware for us this term but at least we can start building a team for the future. We can try qualifying for Europa league at least. We must get a couple of quality player in the January transfer window and we need to spend big time before the next season starts. I think Mourinho must do his magic or he must walk out. He is the special one but results must say so not he himself.