Monday, 17 August 2015

How can Chelsea FC retain the EPL Title

The most common question that anyone would ask a champion is, how are you planning to retain your title? and Jose Mourinho is not the kind of a person who would give a straight forward answer to this but if he is to give an answer he would have said The only way to win the title is to keep winning as much a possible and try not to lose much 

Though I have to admit that this is nothing short of an honest answer, I have some trouble believing it after watching how active Chelsea FC has been in the summer transfer market. While most of our title rivals have been quite busy in adding quality and depth to their squad (and I'm not considering Manchester United as I think that LvG is doing nothing but destroy the 20 time champions) all that we have done is bring in Asmir Begovic as a replacement for Petr Cech, which so far is a good signing. Then we brought in an out of form Falcao, though I hate to believe that he's a flop, an injury can at times be career changing but now is not the time for sympathy. He may be well past his best. We should have brought some more quality.

I do agree that this is the same squad that won the title last season but nothing but fear and doubt had struck me after watching the opening two games of the season. The results are nothing short of a disaster. Not the kind of a start that we expected. 

The major concern right now is the depth of the squad, what would happen if two or more players fall injured? We definitely have back ups but are they the same level as others? Definitely not. 

I believe that there were three quality players out there whom we could have brought to strengthen out team. Nani. Mario Gotze. Alex Song. These three players would definitely have brought much more creativity and stability to our team and we wouldn't have spent a lot too. These players were available and they are definitely quality players. They have proved themselves. 

Mourinho says that Last season he had players whom he wanted to sell and this season he has players whom he wants to keep  but no one knows better than him that bringing quality players can hand you trophies. He knows what difference Costa, Fabregas and Courtois have made in their first season. They did play a major part in our title winning campaign.

Now, the transfer window is going to close in a matter of days and if we fail to act even now, then may be...things will turn out to be different. 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

How to lose weight naturally

I agree that workout helps you to reduce weight and tone your muscles but which one does it do better? Reduce weight or tone your muscles?

Most of you would say both but have you ever tried working out while eating all types of food you like? You never can, right? Because food plays a vital role in determining your weight, be it increasing or decreasing your kilograms. Even your gym instructor would say so. 

Our ultimate aim is to reduce our weight. To get rid of that fat bulge below our chest that makes wearing t-shirt a difficult task. But I love to eat and want to lose weight without hitting the gym, so how do I do it?

But do bear in mind that you only lose weight with diet and cannot have that awesome looking physic without lifting a few weights

Well, below are the lists of activities that I do and have observed a drain in my weight. You could follow it and experience the difference yourself.

1. Stop eating those French fries or any other junk food
2. Stop eating sweets or any item related to it
3. Eat three times a day
4. Time difference between breakfast and lunch must be 5 hours
5. Time difference between lunch and dinner must be 7 hours. 
6. Eat less than the amount you feel like eating
7. Fast once a week
8. Sleep for 8 hours without any compromise
9. Jog for at least 30 minutes (For additional benefits)

Follow the steps and your weight loss is guaranteed.