Thursday, 7 May 2015

Chelsea FC - Champions of England 2014-15

It has been almost a year since I had blogged about anything but I finally have something to say about or should I say that it is something to be proud about.

Yes, as the title read Chelsea Football Club has sealed the EPL title for the year 2014-15 and they have done it with three games to spare. It has been a long wait and finally rewarded. Our last title came in 2010 when Carlo Ancelotti led us to the silverware and before that it was back to back 2004-05/2005-06 and it was by the guy who had done it this time. Jose Mourinho.

The first season under Mourinho's second spell passed away with no titles but this season we are the double winners. We won the league cup and the premeire league and let me list out a few reasons because of which we were able to acheive this fleet.

1. As it is said "The team comes first"

There are no regrets with any player who had been part of the squad this season. Each and every player performed pretty well leaving the critics with very few negative comments. We are a team and we played like a team throughout the season. There were some stand out performances but even that was possible only because of a collaborative effort. So, a big cheers to the entire team.

2. Last season's summer signings

Let me see, who were all the players that we brought last time around. Oh yeah! we got Diego Costa whose number of goals scored this season almost equals the number of games that he had played and we brought Cesc Fabregas who paired up with Costa for most of his goals and has the record for the most number of assists this season. His vision and tactical skills has been the back bone of our team. Then, we've got Thiabut Courtois back from loan and boy hadn't he done wonders. If Manuel Neuer is the best in the world then Courtois is definitely the second best out there. The belgium shot stopper has been one of the main reason for our acheivements this season. Loic Remy had been a good second choice striker for us this term and had proved that to all more than once. Also, we brought in our club's legend Drogba and then Filipe Luis who had their part in some of our crutial victories.

Not to mention that we got all these players well within budget thanks to our summer departures and the only one whom I miss a lot is Kevin DeBruyne. If he had stayed here, then boy would he have ripped apart a few teams and would have given Chelsea much greater/better stability in the mid field.

3. Our rock solid defence

No one out there would be able to say a word against our defence this season. Our back four has been TERRYfic. Captain John Terry charged the defence and played it in the right way. Kurt Zouma though played only a little did a good job along with Matic who has been one of our key players this term and had also been in great form. Our defence made it impossible for our opponents to get past and score and that was greatly evitable in matches against the top teams like Arsenal, Man city and United.

4. Our stand out performer.

Do I need to tell about whom I'm about to say. Of course it is our PFA player of the year Eden Hazard. Man, even when I'm writing about him now and imagining him blasting through the opponents defence I'm getting goosebumps.

Has this guy been in terrific form or what? scored 14 goals (with three games to play) and had in each and every game shattered the opponents defence with his lightining speed and dribbling skills.

If anyone out there thinks that only by scoring goal will a player be regarded as great then man they are so wrong. They must watch Hazard do the magic with the ball and his feet. No wonder he is regarded as one of the best players in the world and is definitely out there in the top ten list.

According to me the one thing that Hazard does better than any other player in the premier league in to create the chance which allows other players of the team to do what they do best. If he creates a chance for himself then its a goal. If he creats a chance for Costa, then its a goal. If, he creates a chance of Fabregas then it's an assist which will be converted into a goal. He is the best out there right now. Top of his form. Any arguments in this regard?

5. The Special one.

The special one does have a special formula. Mourinho definitely knows what it takes to win a match and he would do it regardless of what other might say. Sometimes you just have to play ugly to win a match. Park the bus if necessary and that is exactly what Jose has done this season. Some critics might say that Mourinho is damaging the art of football but hey, he just won the league with his tactics didn't he?

Chelsea have lost just two matches this season and have not lost against any of the top teams.

Mourinho has a formula and it is definitley working out for him. I wonder what he is going to do in this summers transfer window.