Monday, 17 March 2014

How to cure Writer's block?

It really is frustrating when you sit hours before a blank word document hoping to write something worth reading but it is only later you notice that only a few minutes have passed by. 

The pressure that builds up inside of you makes you feel like you're sitting inside a boiler. Trust me when I say that it hurts having a writer's block 'cause just like most of you I have experienced it too and it is out of that experience that I have found out two methods that works out well for me. 

1. Don't care about what you write when you have the block. Just write.

                                             By implementing this method I have figured out that there are two things that happen. One, I get the satisfaction that I have written something though it is crap but eventually when I keep writing out of no-where I get the idea of what is actually to be written and my work continues. Finally when I have a look at what I have written I realize that the work done was not to shabby.

2. Stop writing. Do something interesting, relax your mind and then return.

                                            This is the second more and unlike the first, this method is far more easy to adapt and is much more productive than the first. But there is a catch, you won't be able to write when you want to write. This process is more time consuming and you need to have a whole lot of patience. But finally when you return to write after the break you will know that you feel better mentally and you write just fine.

If you say to yourself This is the moment that I want to write and will not wait for later then I suggest you to follow the first method but if you can wait then trust me, the second method can do you wonders. I am having a block right now and thought of distracting myself which is why I thought of writing this post in the hope that you might find this useful.