Friday, 17 January 2014

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Even before watching this movie I knew I was going to write about this. So, now that I'm watching it a thought occurred to me Why not write about it as I watch it? Helps me be more detailed.

Each and every combination of DiCaprio and Martin has been a hit and that is what created the fuss and excitement in the first place.

The second thing is the role given to DiCaprio to play, a dark role, a drug addict, a sex addict, well what can I say. He is going to rock.

So, here I am watching my man Leo DiCaprio in his academy award winning performance, I know I am late as usual but hey it's not my fault I live in India. My apologies.
To begin with, I must say that from the first dialogue I can feel the electricity of the movie. Leonardo is doing a fantastic usual.  

Good Lord. This movie is all about  MONEYYYYY in the wrong way.

The state of mind which you'll be in when you get a handful of money just to lose it the next second cannot have been explained better. This is Wall Street baby. The common man loses more than he gains unless you're the wolf.

The way how an undergrad from MIT would shock and stun other students when he joins a low level up growing university for graduate studies. Get the picture? It is exactly how Jordan stunned others where joined the almost out of job, ready to be broken down firm after his job in wall street was gone.

I'm forty minutes into this movie and I don't want to trust stock brokers for the remaining miserable part of my life. Man, what is this movie doing to me?

If Leonardo DiCaprio is not given the Academy Award for this, I shall burn the house down.

When ever there is a guy in this world who is rising up there is always one other trying to pull his down. This is the ultimate truth.

This movie teaches all the wrong ways of earning money which is totally cool and that is what makes this movie fun to watch. 

Each and every person involved in the cast are of importance and none can be left out.

This movie is not only about how the poor get rich it's also about how the rich get richer.
This movie showed one more thing DICAPRIO CAN DANCE

I have been rich and I have been poor and I choose to be rich every f****g day. Can't argue with that.

The most important aspect of the film which I believe is to be - Dialogues. Each and every word spoken is the absolute truth, can't hide from it and you definitely can't neglect it.

Martin is the man who should be credited equally for this movie. He cannot only direct crime movies but can also do complete entertainers.  Great piece of direction.

The cast is also perfect, each one doing their role complete honesty.

The overall message is money is what that makes everything.

Three hours of complete entertainment. 

A full fledged movie.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Girl Who Played With Fire - Book Review

I know that it's late but once I finished reading the book I though I just have to write about it. What did I feel after I finished reading it? This just has to be one of the best books I have read.

Every time I finish reading a book I find one or two aspects of it which I liked but after I finished reading this book I had the thought that this book is complete, I loved every bit of it. Since I had watched the Girl with Dragon Tattoo, I did not want to read the book so I moved to the next one and I definitely will read the third one, the only question is when, as I have other books shelved to be read. 

So speaking of the aspects that I loved in this book. I'll go one by one. 


What a superb blend the author has done in connecting and disconnecting each scene. It just keeps you turning the page with the want to know what is going to happen in the scene I have left and that excitement continues in each and every page.

You just wouldn't want to stop.


You would not often find words in this books for which you have to refer a dictionary to know how it fits the sentence. The author has used simple language to describe his imagination but it is also stylish and I loved. There is one other person who is to be credited and that is the translator who converted the Swedish version to English Reg Keeland and has he not done a fantastic job. 


Of course the book is about Lisbeth Salander but that doesn't mean that other characters are worthless. Unlike many other books where a character is introduced for only a short span of time and than eliminated in one way or the other. The characters of this book are taken till the end. At least they are being mentioned once every five pages and that really helped in the structuring of the story. 


The theatrics of the story is too much to just let it go. The questions just keep on coming but are all answered at the end. To know what has happened you just have to keep reading and that seems to be the magic of Steig Larrson. The emotions of each and every character has been explained so well that it seems Larrson has felt every bit of it while writing. Salute. 


It could not have been better. My fingers just kept going through the lines. It's heart racing and you couldn't ask for more excitement. It was one hell of a ride.

I tell you. This is the complete book. Don't miss it. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

61 Hours - Book Review

I have wanted to read this book for a long time and it was only a few days ago that I got my hands on it. I admit, I judged the book by its cover why? a simple naive reason...I like the color blue. 

This is the third book in the Jack Reacher series that I've completed and I am not bored by the character. What is Reacher going to do this time around? is the question that popped into my head when I got the book.

Lee Child whom I admire a lot and also consider to be an inspiration for me has yet again done a beautiful job with this book. As he had once said in an interview 'All is good out there but something bad has to be happen for Reacher to enter into the story' Not his exact words but this is what Child meant and that is exactly how the story unfolds as the bus in which Reacher is in stumbles and gets into an accident now where in South Dakota.
61HoursUK.jpgI do not know if it is just me or is Reacher really getting better with his skills both physical and mental. His observation and deductions can almost be compared to Sherlock Holmes and his Physical abilities seems to be unique compared to any other heroic character.

Lee Child has once again skilfully structured the plot which would make the readers keep on turning the page but that is his writing skill but when it comes to the story I must say that I have been a little disappointed because I expected some jaw dropping moments but nothing turned out as such. From the beginning it was evident that there is a mole in the South Dakota police force it was only a question of who? and I also knew that I was going to find it out in the end so it wasn't such a surprise for me though it is what the entire story is about...yet...I guess it could have been better. Lee Child had tried to suppress the answer by providing a diversion in the form of an unknown criminal who is locked in the facility but still it hadn't worked out.

But...But...the most intriguing part of the story is the climax which leaves the question unanswered What happened to Reacher? if this had not been there, then perhaps this story would not have given me the kick
I would say that all that was happening around was too easy for a guy like Reacher to figure out. At least that's what I felt.

I have given so many comments yet this is the second fastest book I have completed. The first one is 
And then there were none

On a whole this book is a complete entertainer and will give you a new ride.

P.S. Killing floor is still my favorite