Friday, 20 December 2013

Stephen King - The Author.

He writes books and so yeah I can call him an author. It only took me two of his books to realize why he is considered to be one of the best.

The Dead Zone is one of his earliest books and that is the recent book of his which I have read. I always like to go to the starting point of one's career because that is the place where you can actually see the worth of the person. Which is why I chose....No, I did not chose the Dead Zone, it was given to me. My first choice of his book was The Dark Tower series and I was not disappointed.

When I read the Dead Zone I figured out one aspect of King and that is 'He knows how to keep you hooked to his books'

His writing style is no different than that of J.K. Rowling or Stieg Larsson where I mean to say that he describes a lot just like the two names that I have mentioned but the one thing which makes Stephen King to stand apart from all the other writers is his characters, the way he creates them is nothing less than astounding. One of the other distinctive mark of Stephen King as far as I believe is the way he brings emotion to the story through his words.

But....if you ask me I would say that the reason why King is in the position that he is and the reason why he can be a role model for any aspiring writer is his narrative. One word which I can say to describe his narrative style is unparalleled.

His narration is so good that you couldn't stop yourself from turning the page but that's obviously not the way I read but that's just one me and I talking about  in common.

To be honest I did not find The Dead Zone to be spine chilling like others have described it but it is far better than reading a James Hadley Chase's Why Pick on me. No disrespect to Chase.

According to me King is the type of writer who's book you'd not buy if the book's cover influences your decision but if any one of you out there is looking for a gripping ride Stephen King is your man.