Saturday, 20 July 2013

Silver Linings Playbook Movie review.

It's all about Jennifer Lawrence and no wonder that the Oscars was handed over to her. The movie takes the audience to a ride in an emotional level and that is only because of the two lead characters. Though I felt that Chris Tucker could have been used more but alas that all the movie demanded from him. Bradley Cooper played his part and so did all the other characters. 

I will say that it's a love story that is been told in an different way. 

One man wants to get back to his screwed up marriage life, all the efforts of all others who want him in the right direction. Dad think's he is his good luck charm for the Philadelphia Eagles match and wants to be with him during the game, mom wants son to be happy, son want's to get back his wife there is a selfish need in everything but why does Tiffany help Pat? What does she get from it?

The questions are answered in the final moments of the film. It's all about love. 

It's a very normal but odd relationship that Cooper and Lawrence develop but Cooper's love for his wife shadows the fact that he loves Lawrence but it is finally realized when he understands what she did for him. Folks please don't say that you haven't seen this before. But the all this is washed away in the way the story takes place and all the credit goes to the director.

I must say that the movie gets us going with it but all thanks to JENNIFER LAWRENCE.

Maryan Movie review

Folks I just saw the movie and I'm about to comment on what I felt when I watched the movie. My apologies in advance if you do not like what you read.

Just like all others I went to watch the movie with high expectations and I must say that I was disappointed but still no complaints about A.R.Rahman or Dhanush as they have done what was expected from them but I cannot say the same about the story writer. The directer has done a decent job with his intellect but the magic was missing. When you see the entire cast of the movie it involves some big names and it's natural that you adrenalin rises but it dampened down quite soon for me.

First of all, in the first half of the movie you do not see what has already been shown in any other love story. In the second half I felt that the movie is moving but it did not attract me. I must say that the second half proved what the director wanted to show "The fight put up by a common man to lead a normal life with his loved one with nothing but will power and love in his arsenal"

If A.R.Rahman is allowed to wave his wand in his own free will then it ends up to be the musical of Maryan. No question that he really is the maser of music and on the other hand Dhanush did what he does best with his cool acting, which is more evident in the second half than in the first.

If at all I have a complaint then it is against the screenplay. I didn't expect the tied up hero to fight bare handed against an entire army but the escape of Maryan was too easy for the difficulty that he faced when he got caught and that was unacceptable for me. It could have been made more dramatic.

Overall the movie is a one time watch and doesn't do more than that.