Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Casual Vacancy - Book review

J.K. Rowling has yet again proved why her books always shoot up to the top of the best seller list. Five years after her phenomenal success of the Harry Potter series, J.K .Rowling gave us her first book for adults in the name of The Casual Vacancy. Now, I would start by saying that a lot of similarities could be found between the Harry Potter books and the Casual Vacancy when it comes to the writing style and the formation of characters. Similar to the the books that gave her the success, the casual vacancy has a huge cast in it. Then in what way is this book different? Well, first of all this book does not have a central character. It's about a community and what happens to the community after the death of the person who is suppose to govern it. This book is not about magic. It's reality.

It wouldn't surprise me. After watching multiple interview in which J.K.R has said how in her early life she had been in worst kind of situations possible. She has even gone to being nearly homeless. I would say that all her horrifying experiences have been brought to words in this book.

The basic question that J.K.R asked is What do we do about a girl like Krystal? well that is obviously like a million dollar question.

How the actions of every individual in turn affects and effects other persons life is shown pretty well in the book and I must say that it not further from the truth. The way in which Krystal and her family speak is similar to the way Hagrid speaks. May be authors are do have this aspect in them sub consciously

No magic, now witches and wizard, it's just pure emotion that runs deep through this book. Definitely a good read, perhaps even a must read. Cheers.