Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Inferno By Dan Brown book review.

Critics called it sloppy. Some even say that this is the worst book by the author. What I say is it's a fun ride and is definitely a page turner, what else is required? Reading should give us enjoyment and Inferno exactly does that.

Now to begin with my simple view about the book. Dan Brown has yet again brought his protagonist the Harvard University professor  Robert Langdon in the middle of a crisis where only the professors mind and intellect can save him but this time the master of Symbols wakes up in a hospital in Florence, Italy with retrograde amnesia. Having no idea about why he is there and what happened to him in the past few days is a mystery to the professor himself. That is the point of time when he finds out that someone is trying to kill him and he starts running from then till the end.

This book does not talk about Jeasus nor does it deal with any secret societies, purely based on the poem by Dante, The Divine Comedy focusing mainly on the Inferno the story definitely has it's twist and turns and Dan Brown has not failed on that part and this is also the only book with a crisis where the antagonist wins and Robert Langdon fails to save the world.

The story however has a slow start and it remains the same for quite some time and the pace is picked up slowly. The location being Florence, Dan Brown has not let down his fans in depicting the essentials of the place, but the aspect that has made it sloppy is that the descriptions are too detailed and in stead of the story, Brown has focused more on the location and the worse part is that Brown has made Robert Langdon the tour guide of the readers to the new location. If this book was about any secret societies then this would not have been so clumsy as people are more interested in secrets. So, in this aspect Brown has been a let down.

What has attracted me the most in this book is the message that it delivers. Brown has spoken the harsh truth via his writing and weather we like it or not we have to agree with it. Population explosion. That is the concept and Brown has said very well why this is a major crisis.

Each and every thing in this book is about Dante and his poem. There is one more aspect in this book that had me battle in the mind. Robert Langdon finds a poem inscribed on the back of Dante's death mask. If that has not been there Langdon could not have proceeded in his journey but why did the antagonist do that knowing this would lead it to the downfall of his plan?

Despite of a strong message in this book at times it also seems that bio-technology has a major role to play as that is the weapon used to destroy the world. A vector virus that has the ability to make one third of the worlds population infertile and this has been achieved by the villain. Though this is too far-fetched, this has happened and the whole world has been infected by it.

The concept that Brown has taken for this book is too huge and I must say that failure can been noticed in some parts of the book. In total I can say that this has been a good read and Brown has definitely showed his talent of writing and with each book of his he just keeps getting better and better. I'm definitely his fan and will be so for ever.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Chelsea FC this season 2012-2013

Chelsea finished off last season with a bang. Becoming the only London club to ever win the UEFA Champions league championship. A great way to end a season but when it comes to speaking about this season, there is only one word that can describe the situation and that is DISAPPOINTMENT

Nothing can be more seriously disappointing to the Chelsea supporters this season than the clubs performance. Here are a few points that can sum it all up.

1. Chelsea were not only the London team to win the UEFA champions league but they were also the only team to be the last seasons champions and the only champions to be knocked out of the Champions league in the group stages.
2.Chelsea got a big blow when they lost the Brazilian giants in the finals of the FIFA club world cup.

3.  Chelsea got knocked out of the Capital one cup in the semis.
4. Chelsea got knocked out of the FA cup in the semis.
5. Matteo being sacked and the unwanted Rafael Benetiz being appointed as the interim manager.

 Now to talk about the positives that we have seen this season .

1. Chelsea though had a good start with seven straight undefeated games their first loss came in the form of Manchester United and from that moment on Chelsea have been stumbling to be consistent. But how ever they have managed to secure their place in the UEFA champions league next season.
2. Frank Lampard A.K.A Super Frank Lampard became the club's all time highest goal scorer surpassing the previous record of Bob Tambling of 202 goals and he currently has scored 203 goals for the club.
3. Now this is a major achievement. Chelsea after being eliminated from the UEFA champions league went into the UEFA Europa league in which they have been the strong side and became the UEFA Europa league winners.

So perhaps getting knocked out of the Champions league was a blessing in disguise after all.

There were also several other problems that the club faced. The all time highest club transfer of 50 million Euros of Fernando Torres have been a big blow. He has not been as good as he been in his former club Liverpool.

But to even the odds new hope were formed in the name of Juan Mata. The no 10 jersey wearer who has been the driving force of the team as of recently. Then there is Eden Hazard and Oscar who all have contributed very well in their own way. These three amigos have been the strong force when kept the teams momentum up.

In addition an extra strike force was added when Chelsea bought Demba Ba from Newcastle United and his addition to the squad did really go well but that does not cloud the fact that we still need a world class goal scorer and the talks about bring back the best manager that Chelsea has ever had, the Special Once Jose Mourinho and here are the words of Sir Alex Ferguson "Mourinho will transform Chelsea" We can honestly say that Chelsea have one of the best squad in the world and the talent is abundant. All we need is the right management. So to be fair and square our performance this season has not really been anything close to the standards that we are capable of and we definitely need to fight with all intensity next season.

Being a Chelsea fan I seriously have a humble request to the owner Roman.