Saturday, 13 April 2013

Killlng floor- Book review

There is no doubt that Lee Child is one of the best thriller writers alive. But just as I though regarding Grisham, I wanted to know how it all began for the award winning Lee Child

and that's what made me to read Killing floor and what a read it was. This has to be the only book that I have finished within hours. I usually take time to finish the books that I read but this was entirely different. From the first page it gripped me and in search for answers I had to read the book fast. 

It has always been Lee's motto. Ask the questions in the beginning chapter and answer them in the final chapters. That's what makes the readers to go through the book quickly and that's what makes a good suspense thriller. 

Jack Reacher is truly one of the most fascinating characters in the literary world. He is a beast. A Lee Child made beast and boy hasn't he been sculpted well by Lee. His physical strength, his decision making abilities, quick puzzle solving mind does make in a fully loaded bad ass action hero.  

Coming back to the book, since it is told in first person much of an editing from scene to scene is not required. If I'm into Jack Reacher and I have finished one chapter I would want to read about Jack Reacher in the second chapter as well. That has been fullfilled as the story is in first person. Jack Reacher is present in all the chapter and that is a great advantage for the book. 

Lee's writing style is also very modern and that is why it attracts much audience. I would say that his major strength is the answering for questions in the story. Lee never gives the answers in a paragraph, or a page or even a chapter. Lee provides the answer in multiple chapter and that   increases the length in total. Moreover from each each answer arises another question and that is why the book is a page turner. 

One way in which Lee has made his protagonist a real hero who would stick into our minds is because Jack Reacher pays attention to minute details which normal people would fail to notice. That makes puzzle solving even better like difference between Stoller's garage and Stollers' garage. In situations like this Lee Child has really proved his talent.

I would say that it's a hard to put down book and give it a full 5 out of 5 from my part.