Friday, 22 March 2013

The Shiva trilogy - Book review

The story is certainly a fiction but the description about history cannot be further from the truth. My simple view about the book - A fast paced story which could I not put down. 

The well laid story structure is amazing. It is definitely true that Amish is a rising star in the field of literature. Though I have to admit that it was a bit funny to imagine Shiva saying words like Bullshit and Son of a bitch but it's all part of the story and it did nothing but increase my excitement.

The description about the locations of the ancient has proved how much Amish has strained his mind for the purpose of imagination. 

For those of the people of India who do not have much knowledge about our history I would say that this trilogy is definitely an eye opener. They would be taken to an jaw dropping experience. 

There was a talk among friends where we were saying that the book which says Shiva is a human whom legend turned into God. So, okay this is the DaVinci code of India but it's a trilogy so it's the Lord of the rings of India. To hell with it, what ever it may be it is our India's and we are definitely proud about it.

The illustration done by Amish is the excellence no less than any other world renowned authors. 

Do the books precisely depict the way of our those people in the ancient world? May be. May be not. But from now on we would be believing that it is.

The way in which each of the character associated with Shiva as we used to know them like Nandi, Verabhadra etc have been brought to the story in a genuine way. 

No doubt the Shiva trilogy is one among the best literary works of modern India.

Myself being a writer(in my own way) have found a new inspiration. We're very proud of Amish and want him to expand his literary works to great heights in every way. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hinduism- Is it really a religion?

There has been a epidemic failure in the understanding of the people about Hinduism. There was a time when if a person said that I'm a Hindu, it meant that I'm a person who follow certain ethics and code of life. But in time it took a drastic transition and now if a person said that I'm a Hindu it indicates that the person belongs to the religion Hinduism.

There were only four castes or varna as it was called then in the India at a perticular point of time. They were know as the Brahmins, the kshatriyas, the Vaishyas and the Sudras. Everyone had their own duties to be performed but as other religions like Christianity, Muslims, Jainism, Buddhism and many others came into existence the four varnas had to be united under one shelter so that they can preserve their rights and methods and above all their Gods. Thus the way of life turned into a religion. Maintaining balance was the most crucial part of the now called religion.

Let me just put some examples to illustrate just how sophisticated were our ways of life. 

The plain space between our eyebrows is a vital point for concentration(that is why we frown each time we need to focus on something) and any hypnosis method first wold attack that area and hence a bindi (a small dot between the brows) was used to prevent any source of energy from attacking that area.

Nature provides us with everything we need especially the medicines. The first ever discovered medicines were the herbs and not the rainbow colored tablets that we take today and that was done by the Hindus who knew what to do with their knowledge.

We were so much advanced in science that we were the first one to start the war machines thousands of centuries before the birth of Christ.

Scholars who could distinguish between right and wrong for the bigger good were the ones who followed the path of the Hindu.

The methods of cleaning our body with a soap was first discovered by our doctors. The first drainage system was introduced by us. 

For the betterment of people we were the ones who introduced the parliament system(Though it has now turned into a money grabbing system) it was introduced with the betterment of the people.

Hinduism is the root for the origination of other religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. 

The modern exercises were first done in the form of Yoga which even today is considered to be the best for of exercise was developed by the Hindus.

There are millions of other examples, simple but effective though. 

Many manuscripts are available to know how the Hindu led their life following principles. Principles that when implemented can only lead us to the better good of life. All of this that I've said is in no offence to the other religions. It is just done with the intention of spreading knowledge and sharing what is known to me. 

Though it a disaster to see that now people who should be united are even at times fighting over whose God is the better one. Though the Gods stay united, humans are the one who fight in their name for their selfish benefits. I still say that Hinduism is a way of leading a better life.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A time to kill- Book review.

On the back cover of the book there was a comment. Nothing grips like Grisham and I can honestly say that the book justified the comment. From the authors note till the last chapter, the book took me through a series of emotions, ideas, imagination and above all it gave me great inspiration. 

A time to kill was the first book of the world renowned story teller John Grisham and that was precisely the reason why I wanted to read this book. I wanted to know how it all began for such a famous person. How would he have written his first book? this was the question that made me to pick this book. 

Dan brown is the person who inspired me to take up writing. He still tops my list of favorites but what I find the he lags and Grisham scores is the illustration. The way in which each and every scene has been described is fabulous.

He has taken the story with a smooth flow. I was so much into it that I had to take the book to my work place and read it there so that I would have the touch of it when ever I want to. 

"Since I am prone to start projects that don't quite finish. My goal when I started this book was to complete it" these are the words from a common mans heart. I mean how many of our projects have been shelved and are yet to be competed? It's just it. Finish what you've started. Now, coming back to the novel. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the story. A real life incident has been taken and converted into a fiction and it was flawless. It has been a long time since I have felt happy after reading a book. I just had to move my eyes in such a rapid pace when I approached the final few pages of the book that I couldn't see anything else apart from Grisham's words. The book has totally fascinated me and moreover it has inspired me. 

From deep down inside I have felt the book. It also stirred my imagination without dropping any burden to it. All was so smooth. The emotions felt by the characters in the book were so very expressive that I could feel them. In certain portions of the book certain dialog have fit so well that you can do nothing but get amazed by it. Each and every chapter was like an exploration. I learnt a hell lot of new thing from this book and all thanks to Grisham. 

Beyond a shadow of doubt this is one of the best books that I have read. A full 5 out of 5 for A time to kill by John Grisham. 

Monday, 11 March 2013

The Words - Movie.

Only a writer would understand what has been felt by Rory. I myself being a desperate soul that wants to accomplish something in the literary world and want to publish books. I can almost feel everything that Rory and the old man would have felt if they were real but the movie was realistic enough to make me feel it. A few feelings of two persons is what I want to say here.

While watching the movie, there were certain times when I said to myself. This is how I had felt at times. At night when I’m lying on my bed all of a sudden I would get an idea and without any second thoughts I would jump right out of my bed and sit down on my table with my Laptop and start coining the right words for my idea and when I saw that in the movie I was like “Well, that’s De javu”

The real life of a writer who wants to rely on nothing but his talent is precisely depicted in the movie. Being on a far deeper part of the world I only had the chance to watch the movie yesterday. Wish I had watched it when it got released. A poor review from great reviewers is what I saw on the net but hey, opinions vary from person to person. The pain waiting deep inside to burst open when realization dawns that the accolades that Rory has received does not belong to him is so very real. I mean I would not or perhaps even could not accept that. I can’t dwell on success that belongs to someone else. Then what is the use of my talent?

The portrayal of the old man’s’ character was a crucial part of the movie. If I had written down something that has been poured out of my heart. Something I wanted to write and it just came out of my pen into the paper with a flow then the happiness that I feel is something that I cannot describe in words and if I had lost my work then even death could be satisfactory and the pain would be incomparable and that is exactly the feeling of the young man when he had lost his papers and to realize that it had been published by someone else years later is like the heart being plucked out with bare hands.

The interactions between Rory and the old man were great. The old man’s feeling that Rory should know the story behind the old papers is nothing but peace to old man. But to dwell on the success of another man is like living while you are burning alive on the inside.

The words have been a really great movie for me and I felt happy after I had watched it. But what had happened to Rory in the end? He is sorry for what he had done and is desperate to make the amendments necessary but how does he do it? He cannot spoil the success he has achieved because of a mistake that he has committed. What should he do? The pain will always be lurking in his heart. But maybe that is what is required for him to be a great writer. A writer that he had always wanted to be. Pain. It will bring out the best from within him.

Now, coming to the negative part of the movie, editing. Only the few feelings that I've said above are the once worth watching in the movie. Rory’s feeling when he realizes that the success is not his, the old man’s feeling when he finds out his work to be published by another man, the young man’s joy when he writes the words of his heart and the pain of the young man when his words are lost. Apart from this nothing else has been attractive. The back ground music or perhaps the theme could have been done well. The story could have been elaborated taking a deeper theme. Overall, I felt the story to be incomplete. A more 30 to 45 minutes could be added to the length of the movie to elaborate the pain felt by the individuals. 2 out of 5 is what I would give for the movie. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013


I have been a viewer, an observer and most of all a fan. A hardcore fan of the WWE. I remember watching it from the time when it was WWF. I watched all the bad ass and admired them. At that time I was just a kid and did not think deep about the fights. I mean who does. All we say is Man, it was a good show. But as the years inclined, doubts raised. The superstars put up so much of a fight and are hit hard. Do they really get hurt?

I started to think clear about it. Clear not deep. I even searched the net for answers. Now don't laugh at me. All y'all would have tried this and don't you dare deny it.

Tombstone. Sweet Chin Music. Spear. Slams. All these should hurt, right?

I even tried some of the moves and found that they really hurt. There are even times when I have watched some moves being faked, though I could not attempt them.

When the superstars are slammed, they always have their elbows flat (BigShow excluded. He can't even...forget it). They are dropped straight on their back and elbows support them to take the pressure. 

Most of the time when the tombstone is hit, the opponents head does not make contact with the ring and that is the same in the case of Pedigree. 

As you all know the floor of the ring is not something rigid or hard. It's like a foil that gives out loud noise. I've even heard that there are microphones under the ring to amplify the sound. 

The body shots however are real, else the body color does not change to red unless it is hit hard. 

The players are trained to take hits and have resistance to it. So I would say that its 60-40. Some moves that make us drop our jaw are mostly stunts and that is why it takes yers of practice to perfect it. 

Though I still have doubts about the blood flowing out of the body part. But I believe the moves really do hurt and it's all about how they are countered to prevent the full fledged damage.