Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lincoln- The Movie.

I never knew who Lincoln was, never knew his capability, never knew his management skills, heard that he was articulate but never knew much about him. One fine day Daniel day Lewis showed me exactly who Lincoln was and Steven Spielberg exaggerated the picture giving me a clear view. 

Spielberg has always been one of my favorite and this movie just like most of his others justified why he should be one of my favorite. But with all honesty I must admit that in this movie, more than Spielberg, Daniel Day Lewis is the one who scored the points. The mans charismatic acting as one of the best and the favorite President of the United States of America was fulfilled to perfection and none could have done it better. For those who have not physically seen Lincoln for real need not worry as Lewis has shown the man to us. 

When I watched the movie I thought. So, this is how Lincoln would have walked. This is how Lincoln talked and this is how Lincoln would have expressed his emotions. Beyond any doubt I can say that Daniel Day Lewis had carried the entire movie in his shoulders with his fascinating performance. 

The other important aspect of the movie which I liked was the dialogues. A height of intelligence has been showed by the way the dialogues have been sculpted. A few of my favorites are. 

What's the use of knowing true north when the compass does not give advice about the swamp or desert that you'll encounter along the way?

Are we fitted in the times we are born in?

Democracy is not chaos. There is a great deal of strength in people's union. 

There are multiple instances in the film which showed how much he cared for the people and freedom. Freedom being one of my favorite policy and ingredient in life I enjoyed that. 

One of the most attractive feature in Daniel Day Lewis's performance was his voice. The way in which the personal and political life of Lincoln have been depicted is simply intelligent. 

Each and every other person have to fulfilled their roles in a great manner. Their roles too are justified. One of the best scenes in the movie is the black glove scene which takes place a few minutes before the end. The scene can be understood in several ways. A great example of Spielberg's direction. 

For his performance Daniel Day Lewis got the Golden Globe and with all my heart I want him to win the Oscar too. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Was Vishwaroopam worth it?

Finally.....The Rock has become the WWE Champion. Of course he has but that's not what I should be saying. 

Finally......Vishwaroopam has hit the screens in Tamil Nadu. Yes, I've watched it and am going to give my simple view about it.

There has been a lot of fuss and hype surrounding the movie and what did it lead to, What is there in the movie that it had to be banned? I must go and watch it. 

Was banning the movie a tactical play? Was there really a problem in the movie? was Vishwaroopam worth it? All these questions and much more will be talked about now. 

7th February 2013 was the release date in Tamil Nadu and I had to wait two days to watch it. So I watched it on 9th. Being a Kamal Hassan fan I wanted to watch it on the first day but had to wait. A budget of 95 crores. A killer cast. Story, Screenplay and Direction by Kamal Hassan. All this ignited my desire even more.  There I was before the big screen and boom.....came in my face the movie. 

Me and my brother Adhivan Vikram when discussing about the movie, I asked for his comments and this are his words "Yet again Kamal Hassan has proved himself" and not only my brother but many other had been greatly influenced by the movie. No doubt that it's a master piece. He had planned every aspect of the movie to an inch of perfection. From the very first minute of the movie you can witness how much of hard work the genius had put into it. He had tired to bring something to the screen that has never been done before in India. A bold leap of faith is what he has taken when he decided to do this project. 

The first thing I would say about the movie that suppressed all the other aspects of it was the charismatic acting of Kamal Hassan. In the first 20 minutes of the movie he acts as a man with a feminine characteristics in him and the way he has performed the character is simply awesome. The transition that he took in the later part of the movie was just great. A epitome of acting is shown in the movie by Dr. Kamal Hassan. The right way to describe his effort wold be to say that no one could have done it better. He also did a good job in casting the right actors. It's not quite often that you find casting done to perfection. 

Coming to the plot, like Hollywood movies have been addicted to terrorism because of Osama Bin Laden. Same is the case in this movie too. It is a well researched and a well structured plot. But the gripping aspect is the way the plot has been shown. I, at first felt that the plot was incomplete but I was proved wrong when I came to know that  Vishwaroopam would be a two part movie was told by Kamal Hassan before the movie was released. So, he has left some gaps in the plot which are supposed to be filled in the second part. The reason for banning the movie in the first place was that Kamal Hassan has provided a wrong depiction of the Muslims way and the Quaran. But to be honest there was nothing of such sort in the movie. I can say all was just a political play.

The art direction of the movie was too good. The way he has depicted the life of the Afghans, their home, their dressing and their way of living makes the viewers live in the place when they watch the movie.  He has taken the audience on a one way ride to action. There was no such offensive dialogues too in the movie which would hurt the pride and dignity of the Muslims. He hasn't shown anything worse than that has already been shown in many Hollywood movies. Then why was the movie into problem? Because the one who does something substantial is the one attacked most. But what ever you might say, none can deny the fact that the issue that revolved around Vishwaroopam has been a major propaganda for the movie. A free of cost advertisement. 

Though I liked the movie I have to say that the impact of the movie on me was not much.  May be that after watching too many Hollywood movies having the similar kind of a plot is the reason but this is an Indian made movie and that's how I'm suppose to watch it and in that way I say it a class movie, a real master piece. I can say that I liked his previous film Dasavatharam much more than Vishwaroopam but that does not cloud the fact that Vishwaroopam is one of a kind movie, and is a must watch one for all movie lovers and Kamal fans and followers. 

Yes Vishwaroopam is worth it. One word to describe the movie would be Spectacular. Kamal Hassan has once again raised the bar of film making in India. My salute to Kamal Hassan. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Let us save our Environment.

Human beings have the tendency to take whatever they want and would always hesitate to give what they have. This tendency of ours has taken a brutal shape especially when it comes to nature. It all began from the  great industrial revolution and the first poor fella to get affected was AIR. The attack came by the name of pollution. If the very air we breath can lead us to our death, I can't imagine any other poison that could be more dangerous. Vehicles, Industries, Petrol, diesel and what not. Almost all are causing pollution in one way or the other. Everything thing is a chemical and chemical is for sure going to cause pollution. From burning of unwanted goods to very minute actions of us is causing this. But I guess now the situation is such that nothing can be done. We cannot be without transportation and transportation are bound to cause pollution. This is something we should have fixed at the earlier stages. Our demands have increased with time and to meet our demands industries must run and this in turn will be a cause for polluting the air.

The next product of nature that got affected because of us were the trees and fertile land. There has been an exponential growth of population and the homo sapiens who are born on this planet also need place to live on this planet and this is the reason for the depletion of the food, shelter, shade and wood etc providing TREES .For how many years have we been studying about deforestation? I say from my 5th grade and now I'm working in a company.A solid time of 10 years . So, what are the measure that have been taken to prevent this? Let me think. NOTHING. All we thought of was that we wanted a place to stay and a it's a place we took. It's nature and we don't need to ask permission to anyone to do anything with it. Unless and until it is someone else's private property. Am I suggesting that people should not be born? Am I saying that people who don't have home should remain home less? Of course not. For this, let me provide an example. I know some people who live in their homes in London but they also have a home in the United States, Singapore and  India. They visit those places and spend some time there once is two or three years Now my question is, when you already have a place to stay why have homes in other places? This is what I'm saying is causing the problem. When I ask them why? the response is I'm expanding my property. Now what do you do to people who say this? Struck them with a sledge hammer and make them understand but what's the point when the damage has already been done.

From what I have seen WATER is the substance that is being utilized the most and it is the one being polluted the most too. Can we name one thing in which water is not being used? No way. From cleaning to cooking to generation of electricity water is used. If we have a hundred ways in which water is being used then there are also hundred ways in which it is being polluted. The principal of his college used to ask us, What else will you use to wash your hands other than water? Coke? Water is a basic commodity and how are we wasting it? By dumping garbage into it. Using sea, river and lake waters in the industries for manufacturing products for us and the waste water from the industries is again left into the source. No one can deny the fact that water consumes one-third of the earth but for how long is the question. Tonnes of garbage are present at the bottom of the sea and this also in turn affects the living organism in water. 

 My Simple View

If this continuous to be the case then in the far from near future we would be wearing masks to breath artificial air than breath the fresh pollution free air. We would be consuming tablets with the capacity to fill our appetite rather than the ripe and fresh fruits of nature. If water also is gone from the face of  the earth then like end of prehistoric age, even the modern era will get destroyed and a new world would have to be built from the ice age. All of this will lead to the end of the human race sooner or later. lets make amendments before it's too late.

Friday, 1 February 2013

GOD save Viswaroopam

After a long wait for all the Film fans or should I say all the Kamal Hassan fans, especially in India the treat was about to be served in the name of Viswaroopam. But fate decided to play it's part in a seemingly unbelievable way. Remember the saying that fate does not lie in our hands. That may be a proven truth in case of Viswaroopam as Kamal his movie's fate rests in the hands of the Muslim protesters. The One man who has revolutionized Indian cinema to an extent that others would only dream of and the person who has dedicated his life for Cinema now looks at his latest 95 crore(USD 17.29 million) masterpiece hanging above the  flames in a string. Not to mention that this has increased the curiosity among the people to must watch the movie. It is an extraordinary piece of work and we are wasting it. Even the Lord of the rings producer Barrie Osborne(With whom Kamal is going to work in a Hollywood featurehas watched the film more than once and has give the comment as it is a movie which has the element of next minute suspense and surprise.

Where and how did it all begin?

The protest by the Muslim organizations began just as the movie was about to hit the big screen. The Muslims gave their side of explanation for the protest and they said that wrong depiction about them was shown in the movie and that they were from the basic insulted as their holy book The Qur'an was also portrayed in a wrong manner as it was used to read by the terrorists before the execution of people. This created an outrage among the Kamal fans and movie lovers and a protest broke out in Tamil Nadu. Giving respect to the concerns of the Muslims the movie was banned in Tamil Nadu and the situation still remains the same.  As the issue remains unsolved it took some drastic turn and has become a political playball where the opposition and ruling parties are blaming  each other. Such a crap politics is. 

My simple View
 I just have a couple of question. How can you ban or protest against a movie before it's even released? It's a movie and it is suppose to be a medium of entertainment and it should be viewed only in such a way. The second question which is there to be answered is After a movie has been approved by the censor board how can others blame it? It is a shame how we treat a legend, a great artist and one of his finest works. The movies have been released in other parts of India and overseas and it is performing exceptionally well there. So, what is the problem here? Why can't you watch the movie just as a movie and if it has a good message take it or leave it. You are playing with a persons life here. Kamal Hassan had even put his home in jeopardy for this project and is on the verge of losing it because of this issue. If the government had not been silent and have taken the necessary actions, this mishap would not have happened. He is the one among the few who has taken the reach worldwide and nothing but injustice has been served to him. We are literally destroying him whereas we should be celebrating him. Please let the movie be released and let the man do what he does best, taking cinema to new heights and raising the bar of film making. Proud of you Kamal Hassan.