Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Family, the most valuable asset.

What is Family? It is the only unconditional love you can ever get. Father, mother, brother(s) or sister(s) is this what makes a family? At times yes but not all souls are fortunate enough to enjoy the nectar of these valuable relations. Even your better half is a part of your family. 

Why must family be valued the most? It is a bond that cannot be severed easily. Parents do not give up on their children and children cannot be more dependent on anybody else then their parents. The only 100% support that one can get is from a family. No one will take risks for you knowing that it is risk than your father and no one can love you even when you do not love the person as much, and that is none other than your mother. 

It is really sickening, the sight of people blaming their parents when something wrong happens to them but are not concerned or ashamed to use their fathers earning as their pocket money or there comes a time when they seek their mothers help to convince someone and come out of difficult situations. When we do not have something, it is then that we value it the more. That is the case of  the people who do not have a real family. They know the right meaning of family and value it the most. When comes desperate times, there cannot be a safer and better place for you than you family. When you are in trouble, you do not run to your neighbor for help or your backstabbing friends. It's your family that is going to support you and help you out. 

It is the age of teens which is when all the problems between family and us begin. Young blood does not listen to any advice and would not tolerate conditions and restrictions. Everyone (including me) would have gone through this transitions. But it is soon that we learn the truth and would understand the reality. Even at that point of time we are not given up by our family. We make decisions that we like to take but family takes decisions that is right for us and not only at times but it is most of the time their decisions would not lead us to any trouble and the main reason for that is because of their experience. 

So, it is just my humble request guys,  just like our family we should also never give up on our family. My thought will make family lovers, love their family even more and for the opposite ones it will make them feel. 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Reasons for breakup in a relationship

It's not what we want. It's what we need. 

It is the wish of each and every masculine gender that he needs to have that one girl who would be the all for him. What I mean by the one girl being all for a man is, that in her, he should be able to find a good friend, a moral supporter, a passionate lover, a caring heart, a good wife and the like and this exactly applies for the opposite sex too. Even a girl would have the same kind of desire deep down inside the ocean which is the women's heart. So, we may want a beautiful and stunning wife or a smart and handsome husband but that is not what everybody gets. People say that it's fate that seals all our relationships but I say fate is what we make out of our actions. Here are the top 3 reason which would spoil a good relation. I'm more of a science believer kind of a person. So, if you're looking for a superstitious believes, you may as well pack and leave. You will find the truth here and the truth is raw. 

Reason/Mistake no-1

This was, is and always be on the top of the charts when it comes to a relationship breakup and it is EGO. We never let our ego pass by. I totally hate egotistical maniacs and will never ever support them. The most common mistake that most of them do is Why should I be the first one to give up? Stupid. Stop asking this to yourselves and give up. The more you give up, the more supportive and understanding your partner will be towards you. If you do not have the guts or the mindset to believe my words then why don't you try it yourself. Folks, please stop having ego with your partner it is your worst enemy. Enjoy the time you spend with your partner to the fullest.

Reason/Mistake no-2 

Coming to our Mr. #2 it is SECRETS. I have the right to have my own secrets and I totally support this. No doubt that everyone will always be interested to know what happens behind the scenes and that applies to what secret does my partner have? Well, here's the word of advice. GIVE UP. You are likely to be the disaster that ruins your relationship if you have the intention of knowing your partners secrets. The best thing to do so is just let this pass by. Her is the remedy for this, we need to have the mentality that It is his/her secret and if he/she do not wish to share it with me, it's fine. There is absolutely no one in this world without secrets and if you have yours and do not wish to share it with others then the same it is for the others too. In that case how do you expect your partner to spill out when you won't? The less you interfere the more healthy your relationship should say. 

Reason/Mistake no-3

This is the final one we should be looking after, DOUBTS. We have doubts about almost everything about our partner. Why is he doing this? What does she have in her mind? Is something wrong with him? What is her problem? and a million more questions like this would pop up in our mind and have to agree that this because of Secrets. We don't share and that creates doubt. Well, though there is nothing that can eradicate this problem but there are a few ways available to minimize this. One of the best ways is stop asking your doubts. Impossible? then you have got to figure out your own way mate. Instead of asking doubt try to figure out what it might be and try to resolve it and not exploding it. 

There is no relation without ups and downs and my opinion is that without some little problems there will be no taste in a relationship. The more problems, the more chances one would have to know more about ones partner like how supportive and lovable really our opposite is but who would want to have a relationship filled with problems? 

Well, this is it. The reasons or the mistakes that would cause problems to a relationship. Now, comes the next question How can we make a relationship healthy? Well,  just do the opposite of what you have been doing and what has been the source of trouble and how to do is what you have come to know from this post...wait I shouldn't have said this. I should have answered this question in another post. I would have increased my post count. Oh dear......

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Australian Open- Finals.

It is always a great feeling when you watch watch the two top contenders but I would say watching two talented players in the finals and fight their way for victory. It was Murray's 6th grand slam final and for Djokovic it's his 10th. 

Here, as the title says this post is going to be about is the finals of the Australian open and this battle was between Andy Murray and Djokovic. Murray came to the finals defeating Federer and Djokovic made his way to the finals defeating Ferrer. 

As far as I can say about the match, from the first set the two were pushing themselves to the limit both physically and mentally. Andy Murray was everywhere and Djokovich did the fight from a stand point. It was more like an arm wrestling between the two.

First Set

Murray won the first set 7-6. Each and every point of it was worth watching but my favorite part was the tiebreaker. Murray took the lead in the games of first set but Djokovic came close behind and took the set into the tiebreaker. Clash after clash, swing after swing that's how the first set was. There was no doubt about the intensity in the game. The passion to win was beyond broke. In the tie breaker Murray played with great class as he won 7-2 and all know that it is a victory by a huge margin. In my opinion I would say that Djokovic played a little lose game in the tie breaker else the man who took the first set game till the tie breaker would not have lost with such a huge difference.  Murray owned Djokovic there. 

Second Set

The games in the second set were just as equally matched between the players as it was in the first. Murray took the lead but Djokovic as usual came behind but the frustration was building up in him. He did things like slamming his racket, kicking the ball. Murray sure was getting the best of him mentally. Every time Djokovic leveled with Murray, the better man moved forward again. Murray was showing his class in an entirely different way. He even made Djokovic shout out of frustration even when Djokovic was taking rest in his bench. A great deal of commitment was there in Murray's play. Just like the first set, Djokovic took the game to the tiebreaker again. This time he did full use of time and won the set 7-6.

Third set

The third set continues to be just a show as the first two with Murray beginning the set with the lead. Soon, there was a turnover. Djokovic started to take lead and Murray became the follower. What's wrong Murray? Come on, You defeated Federer to reach the finals. Djokovic showed great perseverance and won the third set 6-3. Now, that's a good margin of victory and I have to say that Djokovic deserved it. He did put a good effort and won it. I would say Djokovic had proved that why is the Champ.

Fourth Set

This set was not the same for Murray. He has gone down. Improvements could be spotted in a great deal for Djokovic.  Murray was going down in a terrible way. Djokovic was doing a fine job. Did Murray put up a fight? I would say no to that. He was down 4-1. After going down he could not come up from that and the ultimate result was certain in the mid way of the fourth and final set. Djokovic won the title as he defeated Murray on the final set 6-2. Congrats to Djokovic who had been the defending Champ and is the reigning Champ. Murray beat him at New York and now revenge is served. Djokovic now has 6 grand slam titles and this is his fourth Australian open and a Hat-trick. Go Champ. 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Django Unchained.

I cannot find any other word other than FABULOUS to describe the movie. Epic direction by Quentin. I can watch this movie over and over again and yet I can never get tired of it. It is one of the most entertaining movies ever. The movie was released on 25th of December 2012 and it would have been the best Christmas present if I had watched it then but alas I had to wait a whole month to watch it and sure as hell was not a good feeling. I know for a fact that me talking about it now is a bit late but after watching the movie I just had to write about it. 

I can say multiple reason why I like the movie but any ways here are my top five. 

1. Christoph Waltz. 

"Are you getting carried away with your dramatic gesture or are you pointing the weapon with a lethal intention" After seeing his performance in Inglorious Bastards, I immediately became his fan and he became one of my favorites. When I got to know that he is gonna play a part in Tarantino's next I was like OOHHH MYYYY GOD.  He has a very versatile acting class that he could be fit to do any role and boy did he not do a good job...no wait, did he not do a great job in Django. What I liked the most about him in the movie was his accent and his body language. A completely different transition he has made when compared to Inglorious Bastards and he fulfilled the character the story demanded with great style. 5 out of 5 for Waltz.

2. Leonardo Dicaprio. 

"You had my curiosity but now you have my attention" Charisma, would be the right word to describe this man. I personally am a huge fan of Leo and he is the one who dragged me to this movie. When I came to know that, he was the first choice to play the role Waltz played in Bastards I was sad. Why? because he missed the damn Oscar. Not that I 'm unhappy that Waltz won it. He deserved it and he got it but I really want Leo to win one, hope...NO, not hope. I know for sure he will get one in the near future. Coming back to the movie, Why waltz surpassed Leo to the first spot was because his time on screen was more comparatively  Though Leo's time span in the movie was limited he played the role to perfection. He didn't even make me blink for even a second. Such a class act by Dicaprio, his actions and reactions were just mind blowing and not to mention his style. It's not often thaat you find a heartthrob actor playing a negative role Dicaprio did his job with great compassion. Can't find a person who could have done it better. 5 out of 5 for my man Leonardo Dicaprio.

3. Quentin Tarantino. 

My third reason is the director of the movie. I saw Reservoir Dogs but was not too much a favorite for me but BOOM came Pulp Fiction. Right in my face. He has his own trend and that was proved again in Django. His unique writing style is much appreciated and his directing style and vision when it comes to a fight scene is beyond grasp, the fight scene after which Django gives up when he sees a pistol pointing at his girls head was awesome but I felt some of the Tarantino magic missing in Django, though it was a super movie, he could have done better with the plot and as always his screenplay and dialogues impressed me the most. Pulp fiction still remains my favorite of his all. 4 out of 5 for Tarantino. 

 4. Jamie Foxx. 

"I like the way you die boy" Jamie did not disappoint me in this movie. He did a good job not an great caliber but a good one indeed. He delivered what the story demanded. I felt his character was a bit laconic but that's the story. He played an equally demanding role but it was like Waltz and Leo lifted his character a bit more that's all I can say about him. Nevertheless, I liked his performance in the Django. 3.5 out of 5 for Jamie.

5. Music.

If Jamie had not been in the lead title character, this would have been my fourth reason to like the movie.The songs were great and the back ground score was also up to the  mark of expectation. When ever the music hits it enhanced the effect and the weight of the scene. All around it was a good effort. 4 out of 5 for the music. 

The movie took me on a splendid ride and kept the pace till the end. As a whole 9 out of 10 for the movie is my score. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Secret To Happiness

Happy, Angry, Sad, Fear, Guilt, Envy, Frustration, Shame, Pity.....

We can dig out more of these but what are the few emotions that we deal with daily in our lives day in and day out? There are certain tricky ones that everyone would have it inside them but very rare cases would show them out. For example, Jealousy. No one can deny the fact that each and every one would feel jealous on others or one thing or the other. Not to mention we feel it over millions of reasons. But one of the most toughest of them is HAPPY. 

Many people who have millions in their bank account do not have peace and happiness but  some who have very little  in their pockets be happy most of the time. I have always wondered, what kind of a design is this? Though it took me sometime, I learnt it.

One day, I was just at a shop having some coffee and there came a couple of kids. Brothers they were,  I guessed as one was about 7 years or so and the other was about 5 may be. They came in the shop begging for money. I mostly would not encourage begging. Trust me, I have seen many fakers in this. But those kids were hungry. It was obvious in their face. At first I hesitated to help them. What if I give them money and probably what would happen is that their parents would take it from them, and I have seen it to. It happens when it comes to money. Money has a tricky way of playing folks and we all know that. But I did not want to let them be just like that. What I did was I told to owner of the shop to give the boys two coffee and I would pay for it and the shop keeper did the same. What I saw afterwards surprised me. The older one sat down on the floor with the younger and fed him the coffee first and even gave some of his share too and when he knew for sure that the little one was satisfied he drank his share. I was like dumbstruck but more than that I was happy. To be honest I was filled with happiness at that moment. There was another guy sitting next to me and who was talking about this to his friend who was sitting beside him. He laughed at the kids and said to his friend to look at the sharing tendency of the kids. He was mocking them and both had a good laugh about it. I felt a bit angry but then again when I realized how much better I was than the other guy, it made me feel more happy. I helped someone and he was happy with that and seeing that made me happy. It was then I realized, how easy being happy really was. I just helped a few kids, nothing great it was. May be not to me but to them it would have be something substantial. 

After that incident I started to help others as much as I can and each time I get this feeling of happiness which is beyond explanation. I have even wondered, am I doing this out of the selfish act so that I can be happy always. But soon I found the answer to that too and it goes like this. If I had helped someone who was not in such a dreadful  and desperate condition, would have I got the same feeling? Definitely not. As simple as that

So this is it, the secret to be happy is to help others. That's reality. Many who have experienced this would for sure agree with me. If others have not found happiness, this is your way. I'm not saying that this is the only way for happiness but I would say with confidence that helping other is the best among all because in this process you are giving happiness to to others too that is the whole point. Spreading happiness. 


Sunday, 20 January 2013

The London Derby- Arsenal Vs Chelsea.

When I say The London Derby I mean the match between Chelsea and Arsenal which took place at the home ground of Chelsea, The Stamford Bridge. 41, 754 was the attendance at the bridge. 

Brilliance in each aspect is how I would describe the first half of the game. Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Ramires and Lampard. All played their part to perfection. Hazard was toying with the opponents when it came to dribbling and passing the ball. Mata and Lampard with their tactical genius held up the game and led the team to victory on the home ground after a long time. Last season on 29th of October it was the same situation. Arsenal up against Chelsea where we lost to the gunners 5-3. No one would want that nightmare to be repeated. 

It was a shock for me when I saw Torres in the line up and not Ba. What in the world was Benetiz thinking? A player who needed 14 games to score his first goal for the club is in and the man who score two goals in his debut is a sub. No wonder, the blue army hates the interim manager. On the third minute we (Chelsea) could have be awarded a penalty but the referee had other thoughts and on the fourth minute, Giroud missed a very good opportunity to score a goal. If he had score the match would have taken a different turn. 

Ramires committed a foul by stomping on a players foot but it went unnoticed by the ref and that led Cesar to give a fine cross to Mata who scored the first goal of the game on the 6th minute. Soon again, Ramires had the ball with him inside the d-box when the Arsenal keeper committed a foul which gave us a penalty and who else could take a penalty better than our own Super Frank Lampard. He gave us the second goal and it was his 195th goal for Chelsea and his 47th penalty goal. It is not far before he becomes the all time highest goal scorer of the club. 

A true legend - FRANK LAMPARD. 

I thought the defense was pretty good. Most of the times when ever Theo Walcott made a move to score he found himself facing the offside trap. Giroud also missed a couple of great opportunities to score. The way I saw it, Cech was my hero in the game. He made quite a handful of beautiful and at the same time crucial saves. When ever Arsenal sent the ball flying towards our net, Cech was there to stop it and he also did very well when it came to the corners. 

A fighting spirit, that is my view of the second half. Arsenal had a lot of forward momentum later and in the 58th minute, Theo Walcott, kept in mind to be on side when he received the ball and 13 minutes in the second half he scored and opened the score sheet for the gunners. After that, they did try a lot but failed multiple times, especially Giroud. Ramires was always there to snatch the ball. Ashley Cole, when ever he saw a chance to move forward, he did so to support the team and that is what I call a team spirit, where players help out each other when ever possible. Gary Cahill and Ivanovich also did their part well and contributed to the fabulous defense of the team. Though we missed our captain, leader and legend John Terry, his absence was not felt on the field thanks to the mind blowing work of our guys. 

Ba came in at 80 for Torres and only a few minutes later he found himself having a golden opportunity, the ball at his feet and no goal keeper at the poet to stop him. He took the chance but the Arsenal captain denied  him the goal. At times I supported Torres and I would say let's give him a chance. He needs to know that there are people who still believe in him and if he knows that some are taking risks for him, he might get his confidence back and that is what is needed. But there are times when I do not know if I should support him or not.

The whistle was blown and the final verdict was 2-1 and Chelsea with a victory. Lampard is a legend and he has contributed for the club more than anybody else but now there is a new face rising for Chelsea and it is Juan Mata.  The Spaniard has proved to be a really great asset for the team and his stellar performance shows that. The little man can do wonders with the ball and he sure is the future. 
In my opinion the match was a cracker and after a long time I've been satisfied with the performance of Chelsea. Our hopes for the Premier League title is in doubt as we are behind the leaders of the table Manchester United by double figures but we have the FA cup and the Capital one cup. 

We are still a threat to the other teams because....we are the....

                                     CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE

Saturday, 19 January 2013

KILL SHOT by Vince Flynn

I've just finished reading KILL SHOT  and I can definitely say that it was a thriller ride. I WANT TO BE A WRITER but in order to be that I must first be a good reader and so, what I do is while buying a book I don't select by genres, I select by authors. I select books of authors I haven't read before. Now why I do that is because, basically I like to study the different ways in which people write a book. 

One day when I watching videos on youtube, I came across a video, an interview with Vince Flynn. That was the first time I've ever heard about the man and it was the precise time when the book Kill Shot was published and he was talking about it. So, that's how I get to know of the book in the first place and then eventually I bought it. After reading it I found a few things quite interesting. Not only the story but the way it has been told by Vince Flynn. 

While I've read other books in which the writer elaborates a scene with about a thousand words, Flynn was able to do that in a few hundreds and that was what I liked about this book very much. He kept the explanation simple and precise. He had said what he wants to say in a single shot and that is what Kill shot is all about. For those of you who are in a hurry and be very excited when reading a fast paced action, can't wait to read the end. Fellas, this is your kind of a book. It's written in a very modern style and you will not feel like putting the book down once you have started reading it.

Now, if I had to say that there is something missing, then it would be a strong plot. The story line is not too complex and you can not compare this with the works of Dan Brown, if that's what you expect. If you just read the book with little expectations then the book will prove to be a page turning thrill coaster ride and no doubt about that. I sure would like to read more books of Vince Flynn.

Sexual Harassment in India

"It's all in the mind" Why I say this, I let you know in the later part of my post. 

First things first. In this blog I'm going to write about the sexual harassment faced by the women community in India. 

There are some who say "Men are just as vulnerable as women when it comes to sexual harassment" I totally agree but that is not the situation in India at the moment. Moreover I would say men are very much capable of defending themselves compared to women. Now how many of you disagree with me on this?

Now, focusing on the issue at hand let me begin with the scenario that completely shook my country. The 2012 Delhi gang rape case. For those of you who do not know about this incident, please visit the link   Now, what people are discussing about after this incident is, how do we stop incidents like this from happening. That is what I'm going to write in this blog.



Before I give my opinion, let me give you all a light on the opinions of a few other people to whom I've been talking about this issue."Kill those bastards"  "They shot be shot dead on the road"  "Strict laws are to be constituted"  "They should be given life time imprisonment" and many more. Now let me ask something, do you think there are no punishments for this? Of course there are. There are also punishments for murder and theft.

So is there now zero theft? or are we having the name as India, the country with no murder?  NO

Do you remember the first sentence of this blog? That's what my opinion is. It should be within us in the mind, the quality should come from inside of us. How can we stop a person from stealing or killing someone, when his mind is set onto that and he is not willing to back out? If I say that if one is punished for his crime and that would be an example for others and they would stop committing crimes, will that work? It will work provided if the punishment is of really that standard. For example burning the rapist pig alive or hand him over to the angry public.

Then his situation when shown to others, it will have some effect. My point is that you cannot stop incidents like this by making strict laws instead bring about strict punishments.

A more heart breaking situation that I read about was that, the woman when she was raped and brutally hit and thrown out on the road from the running bus, she was lying naked on the road and all our educated citizens just stood by and watched. No one asked you to provide her medical aid, at least any one could have covered her naked body but no one did so. Then from do you have the rights to raise your voice against the rapist? You should be nothing but ashamed, forget about getting angry. We can't ask laws to take care of it.

WE ARE THE LAW. Do not forget that. Don't tell others to help when you do not have the courage to help others.

"Reality is not tough to understand. Punishments must be made severe. We can't stop it but united when we stand we can prevent it"

I pray for the peace of the departed soul. I do feel sad for our situation our country is in but I still believe that amendments can be made and improvement is not far behind.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Dan Brown the author of the international best selling novels like The DaVinci code, The Lost symbol etc, once talked about his thinking process. He said that he makes a lot of outline and notes but most of the thinking process happens  in his mind when he his doing other works like playing golf or running at the beach, or any other work other than thinking. Every single day he would wake up by 4 in the morning and would start writing. This process has worked very well for him but does that mean it will work well for us too? 

Okay, now let me tell you all what I do. I decide upon a kernel of a scene and will dump it in one corner of my mind and let it be there and I shall let it be for as long as it takes. I allow the nutshell to take form into an elaborate scene on it's own and when I feel satisfied about it, I start writing it down and will not stop writing until my imagination is transformed into verbal form. After one scene is over, the next one pops up and the same procedure follows. This is my process. I hope now you all get the point. Every individual is unique and so are their thinking. It may be easy to say that there are only a few ways to think and I have said two of them but that is not true at all. Every one have their unique way of thinking. Basically, what I'm saying is that, Dan Brown may be my inspiration but if I say that I can be as good as him if I follow his method of thinking then that is my biggest mistake. One must always think in the way that they are comfortable with. If we force our mind then the outcome will be zero. As simple as that. 

It is safer to do what we know than try what is new to us. At the same time it's better to try new options. Confusing? that's reality. Sit, relax and find out the way of thinking you are most comfortable with, then and only then will you start climbing the ladder of success. All the best. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chelsea fc current status

One of Chelsea football club's all time great Frank Lampard may leave the club this summer, which means one less experienced player in the squad. No one can deny his contributions to the club for the past 11 years. Not to mention that now he is the second highest goal scorer in the club history. To be honest letting him go would be one big mistake then again it's up to the owner to decide. Now, the latest is that Lucas Piazon is ready to make his move to Malaga on loan till the end of the season. Now, what does that tell us. One more less young talent in the squad. But I don't think that in any way this is going to affect the team as there are already other world class  players in the squad and that includes Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Moses, Ramires, Marin and Mikel. In the recent few matches we have seen David Luiz play as a mid fielder and he did do a good job. 

As far as defense is concerned we need not worry about that. It is in capable hands. Cech, Terry, Cole, Cahill, Ivanovich and of course Luiz. Our captain, leader and legend John Terry had a tough time as he could be part of the club for nearly two months because of injury . The captain is back now and has taken responsibility. This now leaves us with just one more topic to talk about. The striker. Demba Ba is the newest addition to the squad and he did what he was hired for by scoring two goals in his debut while it Torres 14 games to score his first goal for the club. Torres who was the second choice striker for the club when the scoring machine Drogba was in the squad and Drogba's move to Shangai left Torres as the only striker in the club and he was obviously the first choice. But El nino did not prove that he was worth the 50 million euros he was bought for. He has had a poor run for the club and had also cost the team some must needed victories. Ba may be a good choice for a striker but we have not seen him play much for the club but that does not cloud the fact that we are in desperate need of a world class striker. 

Finally, the manager Rafa Benetiz. After the shocking sack of Roberto De matteo the former manager, the owner Roman Abromovich got the former Liverpool manager to do the right job. Whatever he may try Benetiz could not win over the fans of Chelsea. De matteo got us multiple cup victories and under Benetiz we have only lost all our opportunities. Just because he could not take the team through the group stages of the UEFA Champions League De matteo was sacked but I cannot see Benetiz doing a better job than the former Chelsea manager. He could not even get us to win just the finals at the FIFA club world cup, not to mention we played only the semi and the finals in that tournament. Many believe that Matteo could be given an another chance.In my opinion Matteo is better than Benetiz, no doubt about that.  Benetiz says he is trying his best or is he?