Wednesday, 15 March 2017

World News Summary : 15-Mar-17

Image result for air pollution in chinaChina is ready to take an all new approach towards pollution. Being the country with the largest population in the world, there is no denying the fact that China is one of the most pollution affected country. So, what has China planned?
China's air pollution makes many of its towns and cities almost intolerable for their inhabitants. A 2015 report put the numbers killed daily by foul air at 4,000 to 5,000. One novel scheme is part of a wider push to use low-energy design and technology, both to cut the cost to residents of the energy they use and to reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide, the most abundant of the greenhouse gases emitted by burning fossil fuels, which are driving climate change.
The scheme works by using ventilation with filtered air to reduce the level of particulate matter indoors, a serious health problem in many Chinese cities, where the concentration of small particles (PM2.5) is a serious health risk, particularly to children.

Books & Art :
1. Disappearing books: How Russia is shuttering its Ukrainian library: First, armed police seized some of its books. Next, its director was put on trial accused of stirring up ethnic hatred. And now, quietly, its shelves have been emptied and its volumes packed up, ready to be merged into another library's collection.
2. Ireland now: the books that define a nation: A Minister, a historian and 13 Irish writers select the modern works that capture for them the state of the country.
3. Beauty and The Beast stars pick favourite books
4. The Chinese Communist Party has said it will cut the number of foreign picture books featuring subversive ideology, and have removed Winnie the Pooh along with James and the Giant Peach and Peppa Pig.
5. Through a Partnership with Art Jameel, the Metropolitan Museum Will Acquire Middle Eastern Art.
6. Art exhibition to celebrate Human Rights Day: The country will celebrate national Human Rights Day on Tuesday, March 21, to reflect on, and affirm, basic human rights as enshrined in the country’s constitution.

Sports :
1. Romelu Lukaku tells Everton he will not sign new deal
2. 2017 March Madness bracket predictions: NCAA Tournament picks, winners, upsets
3. Football: The Brazilian goalkeeper has linked up with Boa Esporte shortly after his release from prison after seeing a 22-year sentence cut short.
4. Football: Monaco out to restore French football’s pride against Manchester City
5. Cricket: Cricket match in Australia turns ugly with players on the floor.
6. Tennis: US tennis star Ryan Harrison has epic meltdown after losing at Indian Wells

Climate :
1. Climate body to finalize Philippine obligations to Paris pact
2. Trump’s defence chief cites climate change as national security challenge.
3. Trump to drop climate change from environmental reviews
4. Democrats to send climate change educational materials to EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

Political :
1. 'End the London-centricity': young people on the future of politics
2. Former generals should steer clear of politics
3. Brexit: government has not assessed impact of leaving with no deal, Davis tells MPs
4. Third of female Republicans too scared to talk politics in offices, study shows

Technology :
1. Bill Gates' main use for technology is surprisingly old-school—and everyone can learn from it.
2. This New Technology Uses Your Phone To Track Your Heart Health: AliveCor is a device and app that creates an EKG reading on your phone and offers a diagnosis, without the assistance of a doctor.
3. Are teenagers replacing drugs and alcohol with TECHNOLOGY? Experts describe smartphones as 'digital heroin' for millennials.
4. Fighting fake news: societies using technology to search for truth.

Entertainment :
1. The Who will take up Las Vegas residency this summer:Famed group is 1st rock troupe to take up residence at Colosseum 
2. Fidelity Bank restates commitment to entertainment industry.
3. Ben Affleck's rehab stint didn't affect his Batman involvement, source says.
4. Gov. Bello appoints Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson SSA entertainment
5. Vidya Balan Brings Back Entertainment In ‘Begum Jaan’ Trailer

Money :
1. No hard landing for China's economy: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
2. Fed expected to raise rates as U.S. economy flexes muscle.
3. Trump’s Assault on Immigrants Will Seriously Damage the Economy
4. Indian rupee zooms 42 paise against US dollar

Health :
1. Republicans bet the future on health care bill.
2. “Coalition” Hailed as Sign of Broad Support for GOP Health Care Plan Is Little More Than a Website.
3. Private health insurance CEOs warned they could be summoned by Senate over soaring premiums.
4. Republicans Still Mad About Health Care As A 'Right' Should Blame Reagan.

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